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Help identifying plant

Hello, I am trying to identify this plant in my garden. Thank you, Alyssa Crawford


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Cascade County MT about 3 years ago

gray mold

Does gray mold just effect the plants or can it go into the soil?


Cascade County MT horticulture disease issues over 3 years ago

Tomatoes and footcandles

I am currently living in montana and I would like to grow determinite tomatoes like legend, celebrity or gold nugget indoors during the winter hydroponicly under a 600w HID grow light, and my question is how many footcandles of light per square meter does my tomato plants need to veg and fruit properly?


Cascade County MT greenhouse about 6 years ago

organic solutions

I am looking for a organic approved cleaner for grain storage areas. Do you have any suggestions? I have checked Kansas state and purdue university web sites, and the only thing I am finding is chemicals. I know Pyrethrum is approved but from their website I have discovered that it is ineffective for this type of bugs that live right in the grain. Thanks, Leni


Cascade County MT organic certification organic inputs grain storage about 6 years ago

Are the berries of this shrub edible?

I have a shrub that was on our property when we bought it that small pink/white five petal flowers that produce a dark purple/black fruit. I would like to know if the fruit is edible or not.


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Cascade County MT over 3 years ago

What kind of plant

What kind of plant is this?



Cascade County MT plant identification over 3 years ago

True or false

Is it true that harolson apples starch turns to sugar after the first frost? My apples are beautiful red and starting to fall from the tree. I've been told they are not truly ripe until then. True or false????


Cascade County MT about 3 years ago

Two different spiders

What are these? The dark one has infested our house. The white one I found outside the house.


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Cascade County MT about 3 years ago

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