Carbon County, Montana

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Controlling buttercup

I have a problem with buttercup in pastures. What is the best way to control this weed without killing all of the clover? I know over grazing is an issue in the horse pasture but in others not so much.


Carbon County Montana 10 months ago

Fire bight--can I save my tree?

I have a young Jonagold with firefight. Last year I pruned very carefully, sterilizing pruners etc. This year it is back worse than ever! Help, Carol Anderson


Carbon County Montana almost 5 years ago

Sapsucker damage

Our ponderosa pine trees were girdled by sapsuckers last year. They seemed to be surviving but in the last month or so the needles are getting brown and I'm afraid they are dying. What is the best way to try to save them at this point?


Carbon County Montana over 4 years ago

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