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What should I do with this plant during cold weather?



Warren County Missouri over 4 years ago


will i get back this money when i retire and how old do i have to be before i can collect on this "benifit"
will i get all the money i payed in back


Warren County Missouri over 4 years ago

Unknown weed?

We are caretakers on an Alpaca farm and have a weed that has been a problem for a couple of years.

Who do we ask for help in identifying and control options?

I`m attaching a photo of our frustration.
Thank you for your time.
The weed has a tap root, alternating leaf arrangement, thin leaves, thrives in sunny dry areas, seed head like mini dandilions, tiny white flower yellow center.


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Warren County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Can you identify this plant?

Found in woods near my home, on a stalk about 6-8 inches tall. Several other stalks in area, leaves were dried up.



Warren County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Reddish 2 1/2 inch long beetle

I found this dark reddish colored beetle with an orange abdomen on my tent camping in Moscow mills, mo it was bout 2 1/2 inches long and 3/4 of inch thick had big pinchers on its face and a long needle looking thing sticking out its hind end like a long stinger. Bout inch long. When I went to pick it up the stinger looking thing retracted inside it. What kind of beetle is it



Warren County Missouri almost 5 years ago

What is this plant and how do I get rid of it

How do I get rid of this invasive plant


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Warren County Missouri almost 4 years ago

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