Shannon County, Missouri

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Paw paw?

Wandering if this is paw paw. The tree has no fruir, but am pretty sure thay fits for the time of year.
The leaf is maybe 5-6 inches wide and maybe 10-12 inches long. Serrated edges. Fuzzy underside and like very fine sandpaper on top.
Is this a Pawpaw?



Shannon County MO over 4 years ago

Is it blackberry?

Is this blackberry, raspberry? The berry nodes seem larger than most blackberries. The leaves are the same as blackberry except darker green.


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Shannon County MO over 4 years ago

Mimosa Trees Too Young To Bloom But They Have Seed Pods (?)

9/8/19 I have some Mimosa seedlings which I dug up from my yard. They are now about 12" tall. I have read that Mimosas generally need to be about 10 feet tall to bloom, and they need to bloom in order to form seed pods. My seedlings appear to have seed pods, but they have not bloomed. Can you confirm that these are seed pods and how that could be? Thank you very much. Photos herewith.


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Shannon County MO over 1 year ago

Small black berry

This plant grows all over my property. It has small black berries that grow mostly in pairs along the woody stem. Originally thought they were baneberry, bit the berries d upo no match. I squished a berry and touched it to my tongue, it has a sweet taste.

They also seem to grow next to our among my wild blackberries.


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Shannon County MO over 4 years ago

What is it?

About 6 inches high, large broad leaves, hairy stem grow in large patches.


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Shannon County MO over 4 years ago

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