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Hello, this is my second question. I am an artist, working on a photo-montage project and I plan to photograph cotton at different stages for my project. I live in St. Louis and can most conveniently travel to locations along the Mississippi river. Can Universities recommend sites or farmers that I could contact about visiting and photographing cotton at various growth stages. I need high resolution images for this art project. Also, could you recommend professional royalty duty free stock photos that are available for public use for such a project. I teach and run a non-profit organization that will we creating montages for educational purposes and sold at a fundraising events to support our educational programs. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. K

St. Louis County Missouri about 7 years ago


do clematis need darkness at night? i have mine on the lamp post and it grows pretty well, but it does'nt seem to flower towards the top where the light source is. (i have it on a dusk to dawn sensor). Thanks


St. Louis County Missouri almost 7 years ago

What is this plant?

Are these weeds? Something poisonous? I want to safely remove them.


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St. Louis County Missouri almost 5 years ago


My front yard is covered with grubs. Should I remove the dead grass first before treating?


St. Louis County Missouri over 3 years ago

I found this spider in my bathroom

What kind of spider is this and is this spider venomus


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St. Louis County Missouri about 4 years ago

Bush for shade

I live in St. Louis area - Summer's hot but winters are mild. Is there a bush that will bloom in shade? Thinking 4-5 ft tall. Would like pink or white blooms. we had a crepe myrtle in the spot for years but because of neighbors tree growth bush does not get any sun now so no blooms. Thank toy for any help you can give me. Jan


St. Louis County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Did a spider bite me in my sleep?!

I was sitting at my desk at work and a spot on my arm really itched. I did not pay much attention to it... the next morning I woke up and had two very small bite marks that were blue and purple with a large red ring around them (about the size of a baseball). I went to urgent care and they gave me antibiotics. The bite seemed to get better for a day or two but now it is bright red again. The two very small bite marks would make me think it was a spider... but I have not seen any spiders lately and I do not recall being bit. Which makes me think that I was bit in my sleep... but then I thought why would a spider bite me while I'm sleeping? I clearly wasn't messing with it, I was sleeping? Is this a spider bite? I have circled the bite marks in one of the pictures. Any help would be great, thank you!


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St. Louis County Missouri over 4 years ago

Azalea leaves dying

I have a large, established cluster of azaleas in my yard. I don’t know the name of the variety, but I know it drops its leaves in winter. This summer has been extremely hot. Sections of the azalea seem to be dying. The lush, green leaves first start to droop then turn brown and dry up. The branches though do not seem dead. It seems to be spreading throughout the entire plant now. I’ve also noticed webs in the plant. (The photo of the webs attached is of a healthy evergreen azalea, not the one that’s dying. The webs are in both plants.) What can I do to save it?


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St. Louis County Missouri almost 2 years ago

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