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False positive on drug test

My girlfriend recently was trying to adopt her grandchildren. Part of the process was drug testing.Her urinalysis showed positive for methamphetamine. She does not use meth and to her knowledge she hasn't been anywhere that she could have been exposed.She asked for a gc/ms validation test but family services refused. Her own lawyer would not mention false positives in court . He told her there is absolutely nothing that will cause a false positive for meth. Everything I have read says different.I hope you can answer this question about false positives. Thank you


St. Francois County MO family caregiving over 3 years ago

I have this flowering plant. It has bulbs. Have no idea what it is. Always...

I have this flowering plant. It has bulbs. Have no idea what it is. Always thought it was a miniature amaryllis.



St. Francois County MO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 5 years ago

Lilac Blight

My lilac bushes have blight. My local extension office in Missouri suggested copper sulfate as per your article on "How to recognize, treat and avoid lilac bacterial blight". I found Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals but I can't find a mixing, dosing, treatment regimen for my bushes that I can understand. Any recommendations on how I can safely measure, mix and apply the copper sulfate to treat the blight and frequency of application? Thank you in advance.


St. Francois County MO 8 months ago

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