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red maples

My red maples are dying. The bark is cracking and coming loose from the trunks and branches then that part of the tree dies. We have rows along our driveway and at least four trees are affected. What could be causing it?


Randolph County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Farmland rent rates in Missouri

What is the rent rate on good crop land in central Missouri ? 145 tillable


Randolph County Missouri over 7 years ago

How do you calm an energetic horse?

My horse Macarena barely stands still. When she gets board she cribs. She also paces her stall. I am wondering how to calm her down.


Randolph County Missouri about 5 years ago

Shaping swamp white oak

Hi. We bought a swamp white oak through Home Depot and unlike wild variety it appears to grow columnar. I didn’t like it at first until I saw one in a city planting and I must say I was impressed! Ours though is crooked at the top 1/3. Should we cut it back to where the trunk is straight? It also has differing side branches that makes me wonder how it will flesh out.



Randolph County Missouri over 2 years ago

potting mix or potting soil

When using potting mix I have had trouble getting the mixture to soak up water. It just runs out the bottom of the pot. Is it better to use potting soil or mix. And can l reuse either of them the next year. Thank you very much for your service. R. Galloway.


Randolph County Missouri about 6 years ago

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