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Unknown Pink Forbe

6-8 inches tall.

Bloomed in July.

Long taproot that smells a bit like wintergreen.

Growing on a hill, at the edge of the woodline, so part-sun.

Do not believe it to be Vetch or Prairie Clover.



Putnam County Missouri over 3 years ago

Oak tree disease

I have many mature oak trees--during this past weekend, a oak tree that appeared to be healthy, with just a few dead branches fell to the ground (there was no wind whatsoever. Upon looking, the base was rotten and soft. I have another tree that looks like there is clear sap-like substance oozing from the base, with maggotts in the discharge. Will they turn into the beatles that distroy the oak trees, or is this something totally different from the tree that fell? Any thoughts or ideas would be most helpful.I live in Appanoose co, but we have a lake home at Unionville, MO, and this is where the large oak trees are.


Putnam County Missouri almost 6 years ago

strange type of black walnut tree

We have a strange type of black walnut tree growing on our farm in northern Missouri. They have been here since before we moved here in 1959. They are not as big as the ordinary black walnut trees. They have a different bark and the wood is much tighter grained. They produce a nut that has a thinner shell but the nut meat is about the same size and has a little better flavor. The wood it produces is beautiful but since it doesn't burn as well my father just always called them "junk" walnuts. Several local farmers have seen these trees and no one has ever seen any trees like them. They only seem to grow on our farm and nowhere else to my knowledge. Please help me find out what, exactly, they are. Thank you


Putnam County Missouri over 3 years ago

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