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IPM Professional

Looking for a professional in integrated pest management (IPM) tactics, which use chemicals only as a last resort.


Polk County Missouri over 6 years ago

I have high calcium content in my soil but a low ph.I thought high calcium would raise the ph

I just did my initial soil test on my proposed vegetable garden bed. I don't know when or if it was ever limed. My soil test shows a salt ph of 5.9,with 2113 lbs/acre of calcium,88lbs/a of magnesium,70 of potassium,12 of phosphorous. No rating for N. My organic matter is 1.2% and CEC is 7.3.My soil type is sandy loam. I plan to grow a variety of leafy,root and fruiting crops and I want to be organic.What amendments, besides compost, should I use to have a productive and sustainable garden? Also why is my ph so low and calcium so high? I thought the 2 were directly related.


Polk County Missouri over 5 years ago

Amaryllis food

What is best food for amaryllis and how often?.. I have ordered some expensive bulbs that have been growing for quite awhile... they seem very healhy, but probably need to rest right away.. I would love to know about feeding for future reference... thank you


Polk County Missouri over 3 years ago

Air Quality Test for Pork Processing Plant

I operate a pork plant that harvests and fabricates 1000 hogs per day. We are experiencing carcass cooler condensation on a daily basis. The USDA suggests employing the services of an induatrial air flow specialists to examine the air conditions throughout the plant. Do you have any suggestions where I might find that expert? Thanks. Russ Kremer Manager


Polk County Missouri over 3 years ago

River Birch Trees

I have two River Birch Trees in the same location. For several years one 's leaves turn yellow and drop in late spring or early summer. The other one is fine. Not all the leaves but enough to make the yard look messy. They both get enough water, but I have not feed them anything. One guy stopped by the house last year and wanted to give it a " IV treatment" Not sure how you do that to a tree. If someone could tell me what I need to do. The guy said it could go to the other tree. Also might kill the tree in a few years.


Polk County Missouri about 4 years ago

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