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What Sort of Cactus?

I bought this cactus a while back and I'm curious as to what species it is so I know how to take care of it well! It has very small, hairlike spines and is growing rather rapidly with consistent watering and afternoon sunshine!


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Platte County Missouri over 4 years ago

Japanese Beetle Issues

Hi, Since you folks are the experts, please advise me about how to try and minimize the Japanese Beetle issues. I have read tons of information and question the best approach. I live in the country and am surrounded by pastures (about 8 acres) and outside that, crop or timber. I currently lean toward nematodes and "grubGONE!". I would apply these in the spring in the pastures around our home. Your thoughts on this approach are much appreciated. Sincerely, Ken


Platte County Missouri over 1 year ago

Getting contro of wild onion in my flower beds

wild onion treatment--other than pulling


Platte County Missouri over 4 years ago

Small Bugs on Patio

Tiny, small bugs on brick patio. What are they? Are they harmful?


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Platte County Missouri about 7 years ago

Robin keeps flying into window

Arobin has been flying into the window for over a week. How can we stop the bird from persistantly hitting our window? The window is too high for us to cover with paper from the outside. Any other suggestions.


Platte County Missouri about 7 years ago


My asparagus plants are sometime just cut into upon the plant and the top left lying on the ground uneaten. We haven't seen anything that might do this.


Platte County Missouri almost 4 years ago

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