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peach jam in pints?

Why can't I find a recipe for canning peach jam using PINTS? Is there a way to do it? (I have to can 100-200 pints of peach jam).


Pike County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Different sources of pollen (for fruit trees)

It is known that crabapple trees have bloom times that overlap with eating-apple trees and, therefore, crabapple trees serve as pollen sources for orchard apple trees. Can the same be said about other types of fruit trees and their ornamental counterparts? For example:

A. Do ornamental/flowering pear trees (Bradford, Cleveland, etc.) bloom and pollinate with (European) pear and/or Asian pear trees?

B. The same question, in regard to plum trees, has 3 different parts:

  1. Do ornamental/flowering plum trees (Prunus cerasifera) bloom and pollinate with Japanese (Prunus salicina) and/or American hybrid (Prunus americana x Prunus salicina) plum trees?
  2. Do beach plum trees (Prunus maritima) bloom and pollinate with Japanese and/or American hybrid plum trees?
  3. Do sandcherry trees (Prunus besseyi – actually more closely related to plum trees than cherry trees) bloom and pollinate with Japanese and/or American hybrid plum trees?
Regarding plum trees: All I can find is that the native and ornamental types can hybridize with the Japanese cultivars and American hybrids, but that's not the same thing as pollinate. Hybridizing only tells me the pollen is compatible, not that they bloom at the same time. One might collect and save an early-blooming tree's pollen and manually apply it to the later-blooming tree – a case where they might never have overlapping bloom times and are, therefore, not really pollinators.

Your expert help is much appreciated!


Pike County Missouri about 4 years ago

Timing of alfalfa planting

Can newly emerged alfalfa withstand a freeze?


Pike County Missouri about 3 years ago

What is it in deer saliva that inhibits growth in trees?

When deer browse my trees, I notice stunted growth as a result, and usually have to prune away what deer have nibbled to encourage new growth. I've been informed that deer saliva contains growth-inhibiting enzymes but cannot find any published research about it online. Just similar observations. Any help or references to share?


Pike County Missouri almost 6 years ago

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