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A bumble bee came in my house when I was trying to get my dog in, but I can’t find it. Where would it hide. I can’t stand bees mice etc never scare me bees yes.


Phelps County Missouri about 1 month ago

Tree Bark in Container Gardening

I'm a retired Chem Prof from Missouri S&T. I recently came across an online presentation by Dr James Altland about potting soils for containers. I'm recently involved with Rolla Community Gardens, and interested in self-watering containers for the elderly and the handicapped. I have a good source of 55-gallon drums that make nice large containers, but the commercial potting soils cost an arm and a leg to fill them, so I'm looking to make my own mix. I haven't yet found a local source for commercial tree bark in large quantities. However, there's a small sawmill nearby which sells Tree Bark Mulch by the pickup load. My question is: Is this stuff likely to be usable in a potting mix? I haven't talked to the operator yet, but I'd like to know what questions I should ask about the product. Any help is much appreciated Gary L. Bertrand


Phelps County Missouri over 4 years ago

Extracting soybean mill and oil

Hello, I'm James Story I am conducting a research for my marketing class at drury. Need to find out if you have any information on soybean milling operation or haver you done a feasibility Study or marketing plan on soybean crushing operation and/or a chemical extraction operation?


Phelps County Missouri about 7 years ago

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