Oregon County, Missouri

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Can someone please identify this plant? I am hoping it is clematis



Oregon County MO over 2 years ago


How can you stop feather pecking in the fly pen . (Quail)


Oregon County MO about 1 year ago

Using a compost pile to heat water

Our house has 4 300' x 1/2" dia pex radiant loops in the basement floor which have never been used. I'm attempting to build a compost water heater with sawdust, wood chips, chicken litter, and horse manure to heat our house and water while the pile is rotting. After the compost is done the pile will be used on our garden, and the pile will be re-built to continue heating our house and water. The corral panels with poultry netting will keep the south side of the pile our of the road, and may allow for better air circulation.

The questions are.... To keep from having to turn the compost pile could I add drip tape through the pile for moisture, and tubes for air, or could the drip tape do both air and water at different times? Or will water tubes need to be higher in the pile than the air tubes? I've always thought that heat rises, and water migrates down. However lately I've been corrected saying heat migrates evenly down as much as up, it's only hot air that rises???



Oregon County MO about 4 years ago

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