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Yellowing baby pines

We had several baby pine trees in 1 gallon buckets that we transplanted this fall and they turned a yellowish color very soon after we planted them. I got them from Missouri conservation and they are native pine trees to our state. I want to say they are pineous conifers possibly. They grew great during the summer in the containers and looked very lush and green for fall trans-planting. Several that we planted in the ground in the spring of this year turned brown and died due to heat which is not that uncommon when growing Pines in Missouri.


Newton County Missouri over 3 years ago

What is this beetle?

I found these beetles in a new vegetable garden that had previously been a fescue field. They are in the soil and do not seem to like light. Are they good, bad, or neutral?


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Newton County Missouri about 7 years ago

bark to separate on our dogwood tree?

What is making the bark on our dogwood tree to separate? We have also noticed big blank ants on it. It has beautiful flowers on it and looks good over all. Please help.


Newton County Missouri about 6 years ago

Small limbs falling

My pecan tree is about 25 years old. It had a large wound on the trunk 10 years ago which has healed very well. This year it has no nuts on it and is losing small branches,the leaves turn brown and cluster of leaves fall off. This has been happening since the end of September. Is this a bug problem or something else


Newton County Missouri over 1 year ago

Too much rain

I planted 3 New cherry trees 3 to 4 weeks ago. I live in the very most south west corner of Missouri, we have had rain about five days a week since then. The leaves are turning yellow and dropping like flies, can I take them back up and wait until this rain stops. Or any other suggestions?



Newton County Missouri about 1 month ago

Oak tree ?

We have a oak tree that's approx 40' tall it has started to lose a lot of it small branches I've looked at the leaves and some look Like they haven been eaten on by something . The branches all are breaking off at a knuckle where it's attached to another larger branch. I've seen other oaks aroundiur town doing the same thing . Do not want to lose this tree please help ! Thank you for your time !!


Newton County Missouri about 3 years ago

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