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uses for the luffa

when i am washing my luffas the mixture of the sap and water foams and the skin on my hands feel s better. is there any known use for the sap that comes from luffas? thanks ron


Miller County MO over 5 years ago

tomato leaf disease

The leaves of my tomato plant have what looks like large rust spots on them. I've grown tomatoes a long time and I've never seen this problem before. I sprayed it with a pyrethrin-based product and the new top leaves look like they're okay. Should I trim off all the damaged leaves and see if the top still keeps growing? I also noticed that the green developing fruit now has tiny round black spots (like roach feces) and thought maybe it was caterpillar feces but they don't knock off the fruit and it would be a very small caterpillar and the fruit developed to about the size of a 50 cent piece and hasn't grown any bigger in a couple of weeks. If you need any more info, let me know.


Miller County MO over 7 years ago


I have these plants growing across from my house. We throw all of our clippings in this area. It's particularly shaded. They look like hydrangeas. My question is are they weeds or hydrangeas?


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Miller County MO over 4 years ago

crape myrtle

sorry I didn't make my self clear. my plants are dead from the ground up but are sprouting from the stump about 6 or 8 in. eight or more. was the winter to cold for them. how do I prune what is growing.


Miller County MO almost 6 years ago

Burlington, Colorado farm crops

What farm crops are grown in the Burlington, Colorado area?


Miller County MO over 7 years ago

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