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I typed in my email wrong and I need to figure out how I can fix it,


Lincoln County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Lilac leaves curling?

Last year the department of agriculture came out and took pictures and said we had dicamba drift. They said nothing else causes that type of curling. Just wondering? I am in Northeast Missouri.



Lincoln County Missouri about 2 years ago

Virgin Queen Bee

What is the best way to introduce a virgin queen to a honey bee colony?


Lincoln County Missouri about 7 years ago

Possible "poison" plant

I am reacting to something in my backyard, but I know it isn't poison Ivy, but the rash is just like it. It looks most like Sumac to me, but I read it doesn't grow in Missouri. Can anyone identify this plant?


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Lincoln County Missouri about 4 years ago

newspaper method of combining honeybee colonies

when you combine honeybee colonies using the newspaper method, do both colonies have their own entrance? and if so are they pointed in opposite directions


Lincoln County Missouri about 7 years ago

What type of bush is this

Can anyone tell me what type of bush this is in my yard


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Lincoln County Missouri almost 3 years ago

What's the name

Whats the name of the bug?


Lincoln County Missouri 11 months ago

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