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Rock questions

Trying to figure out how to go about selling rocks in my area. I have tons of rocks as It is my hobby to rock hunt and collect . Slowly educating myself online about them but never 100% sure I’m identifying mine to what’s actually online. Wanting to make money from them. Where do I begin?


Jefferson County Missouri about 1 year ago


If I leave my okra seed pods on the plant through the winter outside, will the seeds still be good to plant in the spring? I live in Missouri.


Jefferson County Missouri about 5 years ago

Found growing wild in garden

I found this yellow flower - it has very soft leaves, like as soft as lambs ear...there are also some fruit it appears to have after the flower goes away. I'm attaching the othe photo.


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Jefferson County Missouri over 4 years ago

How many eggs can a hen lay at a time ?

I saw here a hen can only lay one egg at a time . I saw one of hens laying in a nesting box , I saw 2 eggs then when I went back and she had gotten out of the nesting box their were actually 3 eggs. I have 3 hens . This was one of my Rhode Island reds. I am a new chick momma . I only saw the one hen in the actual nesting area .


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Jefferson County Missouri almost 2 years ago

What is this?

It grows next to the woods. It's tall maybe 6 foot, thick stemmed with large leaves



Jefferson County Missouri almost 4 years ago

evergreen trees and retaining walls

What is a good choice for a tall,columnar evergreen tree on the fill side of a tall retaining wall? The site a Southern exposure with some Western shading. How close to the edge of the wall can I plant? I live in Fenton, MO, just south of St Louis.


Jefferson County Missouri about 6 years ago

What is this on my cantaloupe?

This cantaloupe started growing in the beginning of July. I have everything growing up on a trellis. It has not really grown much over the past few weeks and now one of my melons that started growing after this one is bigger. What is that on my melon? At first I thought it was from the fence(I kinda made a bed for the melons from the fence so it can rest on it and not break off. But then I thought maybe it's a disease? I've never grown anything before and I lint kinda tossed seeds in the ground and this is what I got, lol


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Jefferson County Missouri almost 5 years ago

Limelight hydrangea

I bought this hydrangea two weeks ago. I see leaves are turning yellow and white flowers( heads) turning brown. What I’m doing wrong? Too much water or not enough? Please help! Thank you.



Jefferson County Missouri almost 2 years ago

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