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blackcherry leaves

are blackcherry leaves poison to livestock.

Jackson County Missouri almost 6 years ago

What kind of stone is this

I am very interested in this rock. Rocks have never appealed to me but I would love to know what kind this is. It’s like it’s calling me to it almost. It’s so weird. But if you can tell me that would be great and maybe if there is any history behind it. Thank you so much.


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Jackson County Missouri 3 months ago

What is this plant

What is this plant



Jackson County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Can you identify?

Hi There,
We live in Independence, Mo , suburb of Kansas City,we have had Japanesse Beetles, and June Bugs. Now we are seeing a larger Beetle. I found this photo on the Michigan State University Extension web site. Can you identify the beetle the one on the far left? How can we get rid of it too?
Bradley West



Jackson County Missouri about 5 years ago

Unhappy tree

What is eating my large ornamental tree? Note the black stuff on the cushion, is that the excrement of this beetle?



Jackson County Missouri almost 2 years ago

What kind of plant is this?


We are trying to identify this succulent type plant. We inherited it and it is not doing too well, so we are trying to find out what it is so that we can make it healthy again! The leaves are fairly thin with small spikes on along the edges. There is one main stem with several leaves growing out of the "cone".


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Jackson County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Bird mites

I have a question can bird mites sense that your immune system is compressed? Do they get blood from inside if you? How long will this last?if so is there any medication for this?


Jackson County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Growth on trunk

What is this? It's soft and about 10 inches wide. It's 5 feet up on the trunk.


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Jackson County Missouri almost 4 years ago

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