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Weird worm vs snake?

I live in Springfield, Mo. While walking my dog on a recent coolish summer morning the day after heavy rains the previous day I spied an unusual animal crawling on the curb. I did not have time to study it as thoroughly as I would have liked due to the pull of my dog and did not have my phone to take a picture.
I was abou 8-10" long, thin like a regular earth worm, skin that looked somewhat like it was scaled, earthworm colored with a long darker stripe down the center of its back. The oddest thing was that it had a small 'head' that fanned out like a ginko leaf and seemed to be scaling the concrete like a snail would. I would not swear to it but it seemed that the tail was blunt like a eraser end of a new pencil. I nudged it gently with my finger nail and it did not recoil, but continued to move slowly along the curb. Any idea what this creature was?


Greene County Missouri almost 2 years ago

Name of this flower?

This plant seems to like semi-shade and has been in bloom since about mid-September. Can you tell me its name? Do you know if it produces any significant amounts of pollen or nectar of interest to honey bees?


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Greene County Missouri over 3 years ago

Apple Growing Areas

What are the primary apple growing areas in Colorado? What about the southeast part of the state?


Greene County Missouri about 5 years ago

What is this plant?

It's so big and sprawling I propped it up just so I could work around it, but I don't even know if it's something I planted or a weed.


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Greene County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Black spots on October Glory Maple

What is causing the spots on my October Glory Maple tree. They are all over the tree. It is about 6 years old and what can I do or not do?


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Greene County Missouri about 7 years ago

We have an American elm with DED and are having it removed. Is it OK to use...

We have an American elm with DED and are having it removed. Is it OK to use the chips from it as mulch in our vegetable garden? There are no other American elms nearby. Thanks in advance for the information.


Greene County Missouri almost 7 years ago

tree pruning

I have planted approx 60 fruit trees of all different varieties, is there anyway I can get a master gardener to come out next spring and show me the proper pruning ways of pruning the various type trees and how do I get ahold of someone? Also have planted 26 blueberries and 15 Honeyberries


Greene County Missouri about 7 years ago

What is this

i post a pic of this rock we had for 20 years.would like to kbow what it was used for and if it worth anything



Greene County Missouri over 1 year ago

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