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what is the tree that has long green seed pods hanging from it . the tree has very large almost elephant ear looking leaves on it


Franklin County Missouri almost 7 years ago

Strange okra

Hi! I am a teacher and my class has been growing okra from several plants indoors since sept 2017 when we started our plants from seed we got from Walmart. We’ve harvested the okra many times as the plants did very well.....until the past month...the plant still looks healthy but now all of the okra looks very odd (see image) and tiny dark purple flowers are sprouting from it. We ve never seen this before. Does anyone know what’s happening? My students and I are very curious


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Franklin County Missouri about 2 years ago

Spider identification

I'm trying to figure out what type of spider this is. Can you please help? Thank you.


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Franklin County Missouri almost 3 years ago

Can you identify this vine for me

Vine is woody with tear drop shaped, dark green leaves and a light pink berry.


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Franklin County Missouri over 3 years ago

completely red grasshopper

I found this red grasshopper and i was wondering if i could get some info on it. I've never seen one before.



Franklin County Missouri over 5 years ago

Turkey vultures that have'nt migrated

We have a group of turkey vultures here in east central Missouri that roost at night in the trees across from our house. They have always migrated in the winter and return in spring. They have done this routine for many years. My question is -at this time, the end of January, they have not migrated yet, I would like to know why. Their behavior has changed also. They are going around town and sitting on roofs of houses,which they've never done before. Some people even called the police afraid they were buzzards that smelled a dead body inside! We have had some warmer than usual weather for winter but now are normal temps below freezing an some snow.


Franklin County Missouri over 4 years ago

A Question In Regard To Sun Tea!

Does the sun kill tea antioxidants?



Franklin County Missouri almost 7 years ago

Using 10-10-10 fertilizer on Raspberries

How much of 10-10-10 fertilizer should you put on in the fall? Like how thick to apply. I get 2 cuttings a year , in early spring and in fall.


Franklin County Missouri over 1 year ago

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