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apple tree from a cutting

I purchased an apple tree from lowes 2 years ago. I'm curious, is it possible to grow a second tree by taking a cutting from the live one? If so, what do I need to do? I tried putting a couple cuttings in water with willow branches and they stayed alive but didn't grow any leaves or roots.


Cole County MO over 7 years ago

Pruning Kwanzan Cheery Tree

This tree was planted 4 years ago this spring and has never been pruned. Base of tree is about 3 1/2 " and its about 15' tall. AS you can see in the pics a couple of branches are crossing each other and one growing back toward the center of the tree.

Where should I begin?


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Cole County MO about 6 years ago

Hostas under Elm Trees

I've tried planting hostas under Elm trees and the hostas grow smaller with each passing year until they are gone or i dig them up with a tablespoon, when i planted them i used a shovel!!! Any ideas what would work under those trees, or should i just resign myself to using rocks???


Cole County MO almost 6 years ago

Help on ID of a turnip problem

Has anyone seen such a problem like this on turnips? I greatly appreciate sharing your thoughts on what the possible cause(s) of the damage could be.


Imag0947_300x300%2523 Imag0948_300x300%2523 Imag0949_300x300%2523

Cole County MO over 5 years ago

What is it?

Just trying to identify. It almost looks like a hot pepper, but never fruits and is everywhere this year.



Cole County MO over 4 years ago

Is this posion ivy

Is this posion ivy


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Cole County MO over 4 years ago

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