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problem for fiddle leaf philedendron

It has sticky stuff on the lower parts of stems going down into main trunk. I can't identify problem but do see some what look like scales on the stems, not a lot ! Need some help with diagnosis and treatment! Thanks for your help!


Clay County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Bark is blistering and opening from trunk. Should this be taken down or leave ?

My Ash is 17 years old. Has been great for shade,etc. Past few years bark has begun split in places, puff out and easily brushed off. Took Wasp Spray ,with a stream, and sprayed where bark has lifted..good or bad? A bad wind recently tore a ;limb off, hit roof, no damage. Other limbs are bigger and would do MUCH damage if falls. Is it in process of dying or will it be OK ? Bases of limbs seems to be spread out where bark is splitting and bulging.


Clay County Missouri about 4 years ago

Potential Contamination of Garden with Herbicide

I sprayed my yard with a product (Q4) having 2,4-D, Quinclorac, Dicamba and Sulfentrazone. I used a hand sprayer and kept it close to the lawn swinging from one side to another. I also stayed 35 feet or more from the garden. The temperature was below 85 degrees with occasional winds 5-10 mph. We will watch the produce to see if it shows signs of exposure. My wife believes we must destroy the garden because there's a chance of exposure through wind drift or movement of the spray through ground water. Should we be concerned? If I did anything wrong, what should I change next time. Can the herbicide leach through 35 feet of soil to contaminate a garden?


Clay County Missouri about 2 years ago

Please help identify this tree, we'd love to help it!

We moved here 5 years ago, in the fall. We were told it was a cherry, by a neighbor, but it has born no fruit or flowers. Each year we have marked that it seems thin, and starts dropping leaves in the early summer. As you can see, we have the two swings, and it has a special place in the neighborhood hearts. I have dropped a few spikesin the yard over the years, and it gets regular water, good drainage and almost full sun. Is about 75-90 meters tall. Would love to know what it was, and if we can help it. Thanks for your help!


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Clay County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Hello! I'm wondering what is going on with our Pin Oak Tree this year? Leaves...

Hello! I'm wondering what is going on with our Pin Oak Tree this year? Leaves are curling and have something that resembles tunnels on the underside of the leaves following the leaf veins. appears parts of some leaves are missing as well! A very mature tree, would hate to loose it. This tree has been affected by leaf galls in the past also. Would appreciate any info you might have. Thanks


Clay County Missouri about 5 years ago

What kind of hibiscus?

We know this is an hibiscus plant. But what kind? It's well over 7 feet tall and has these beautiful blooms.



Clay County Missouri over 3 years ago

Mature Sugar Maple dies after professional tree trimming

I had my Sugar Maple Trees trimmed last fall after the leaves had fallen. One of the three trees is 2/3 dead now. It was the healthiest of all three mature trees and is on the opposite side of the house from the two trees with the damage. The others have suffered in the past from carpenter ant damage. This particular tree is also the last to lose it's leaves in the fall. When the arborist trimmed the trees this tree was losing sap rapidly (it looked like it was raining out my window) the other two trees did not lose sap at this rate. What is the common practice for the rate of sap being lost and the continuation of trimming? There is no sign of carpenter ants or termites. The third of the tree that is living has healthy young leaves. Any thoughts?


Clay County Missouri about 1 year ago

WHAT is making holes?

WHAT is making holes all around my house foundation about 2 ft apart, and the holes are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter? It's so weird! There are also some holes up against my dog run fence! Please tell me what to do about getting rid of these things! Thanks so much! Judi Huseman


Clay County Missouri over 4 years ago

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