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Native Grasses in the QCV, Gunnison County

Eric McPhail:

Would you please check my list of native grasses and see if I'm correct?

J. M. Flick mentioned in 1895-- "all the native grasses" but he did not list any names. Below is what I have included from the CSU extension, et al.

"Despite the severe winters, the rich soil of the Quartz Creek Valley along with a seemingly limitless supply of water for irrigation, and native grasses—blue stem, buffalo, gamma, wire grass, wild oats, bunch grass, and of course foxtail. The Valley provided natural resources for ranching."

Flick reported they could grow “splendid crops of hay, all the tame grasses, clover and alfalfa growing to perfection.”

Any others?

Thanks again for your helpfulness.



Christian County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Plant ID

Good morning! Trying to save this guy. Got him from a half-off rack in a supermarket. Can you tell me about it? - Jim


Christian County Missouri over 3 years ago

Is this a brown recluse?!?

I've found several of these spiders in my house this last year and I am absolutely terrified! Half the people I ask say it's an ordinary house spider, the other half say brown recluse.. I have a 2 year old daughter & I'm very concerned for her safety at this point! Please and thank you!


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Christian County Missouri 11 months ago

My Adopted Plant is Dying

I inherited this plant. It seems to be dying. I have already had to cut off one palm frond (believing it to be a sago palm). What can I do to stop the dying process? I water it sparsely and it has been indoors since I obtained it.


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Christian County Missouri over 4 years ago

black walnuts

why does the meat inside the shell swivel and ruin before cracking


Christian County Missouri over 3 years ago

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