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weaning weights

I weaned calves in October that right off the cow averaged 450 to 500 pounds. I kept two steers to fatten out. Long story short, I sold those two steers today, and they weighed 450 and 525 pounds. For the last three months they have been getting 50 pounds of silage two times a day. They did not gain any weight in three months. I am also subsidizing with brome hay. I have proven bulls and good momma cows. How can I improve my weaning weights or utilize my forage to get bigger calves? I know of cattle with less forage or no forage at all that produce bigger weaned calves.


Cass County Missouri over 7 years ago

Refrigerate Cream Cheese Cookies?

I made cream cream cheese cookies, it has a graham cracker crust like cookie with a dimple in it and then filled with a filling containing cream chees, egg yoke, vanilla, and sugar and then baked. The only information I could that seemed relevant was in regards to a recipe where the cream cheese was in the cookie itself, not in a almost gelatin like filling. I'm not sure if these need to be refrigerated. I would like to ship some to a relative but I'm not if that's a good idea.



Cass County Missouri over 1 year ago

What mushroom is this?

I found this is my yard, is it safe?


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Cass County Missouri 2 months ago

Wildfire Black Gum Tree

Is this considered a hard wood?


Cass County Missouri 2 months ago

Tomatoes out in the cold

I planted my tomatoes very early this year in the hopes of getting an early harvest. We have not had a frost or freezing temperatures, but have had a few nights in the high 30s lower 40s. My question is, can young plants be stunted even if there is no freeze or frost to do them in?


Cass County Missouri about 3 years ago

Hello, I just recently noticed my black oak tree leaves are starting to turn...

Hello, I just recently noticed my black oak tree leaves are starting to turn hard and shrivel up, but they do not fall off. This is not localized to one or a few branches, it appears all over the tree as far as I can tell. Generally speaking the tree looks healthy.



Cass County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Brown spots, yellow leaves on willow

I have a recently (about 3 months ago) planted curly willow that has a handful of leaves with brown spots, which then turn yellow. The tree has grown quite a bit and has a lot of healthy growth but if this is a problem I want to tackle it sooner rather than later.


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Cass County Missouri almost 5 years ago

Is this Oregano?

neighbor says this is Mexican oregano from a live plant she brought back from Mexico. I disagree, but do think it is SOME kind of oregano, judging by the scent. Can you identify?


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Cass County Missouri almost 5 years ago

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