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Japanese Maple Tree

The Martin bird House is being fazed out related to limbs of Maple tree growth. The maple tree and bird house went in the ground at the same time approx. 4 foot from one another. As the years pass,it is becoming increasingly trickier to raise and lower the Bird House. Question: Can I prune some branches without destroying the tree?


Cape Girardeau County Missouri about 4 years ago

What plant?

Growing in my drainage ditch. Wasnt there 2 weeks ago. About 1 foot tall


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri almost 4 years ago

What kinds of spider is this?

Found this spider crawling on the floor near my dogs and I’m worried that it might be a brown recluse


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri about 1 year ago

Too many berry trees

I have several berry bushes/trees in my backyard and im trying to identify them as whether they stay or go. I know i have a few honeysuckle bushes, but this growth is different. Has more mound like growth almost like a weeping cherry or willow. Leaves are smaller almost more evergreen


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri over 3 years ago

We have knock-out roses and on the stems there are black spots on them. We...

We have knock-out roses and on the stems there are black spots on them. We had one rose die last year but don't know if the black spots were on them.


Cape Girardeau County Missouri about 5 years ago

what plant is this?

i am growing vegtables/ fruit and cannot identify this one. The leaves i conpared to my watermelon/melon plants and do not look like them. Well the leaves nor the fruit does help?

I clicked to add pictures not sure if it uploaded since after i clicked upload i jad to rewrite my questions and fill out the form again.


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Is this a brown recluse spider?

I found this spider in my bathroom sink. I’ve posted onto this forum before, but the photo I posted wasn’t clear enough. I’ve attached it again with the two new ones i took today.


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri 11 months ago

Spider ID?

Just found this big sucker on my interior office wall. About 3"across counting the legs. Thanks for your help. Mike PS Scared the heck out of me. LOL


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri about 4 years ago

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