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How do I winterize a new Autumn Blaze maple?

I already lost two Autumn Blaze maples. They were doing great after two years and then we had freeze, thaw, freeze again, and the bark split, bugs got in, and the trees died in the spring. We've planted two new ones. It's May 1st. I got bark around them (not near trunk) and they look great. What do I do this fall to protect them from winter? Will just Tree Wrap do the trick? How about the foam insulators for plumbing? Would that work if I bought larger than the diameter of the tree trunk?


Camden County Missouri about 5 years ago

How do I treat a dogwood tree displaying brown spots on leaves ?

How do I treat a dogwood tree displaying brown spots on leaves ?


Camden County Missouri almost 6 years ago

Squirrels digging holes/divots in garden, around and lawn

How do I control squirrels digging holes around my garden and bushes? They killed many flowers last year and have already begun digging around bushes and creating divots in the lawn this year.


Camden County Missouri over 4 years ago

Brown Recluse Spider?

What time of spider is this? How do I get rid of it?


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Camden County Missouri about 1 month ago


A tall stem with short blades of grass and spiky seed balls on top



Camden County Missouri almost 4 years ago

flowering tree ID

I inherited a beautiful flowering tree and it is dying. I can't find anything like it on the web or anywhere. Bark is rough and very dark brown, almost black. Flowers in spring with crabapples, but flowers are more rose-like and hot pink (look red from a distance). Leaves are long, slender, and smooth with very slight elm-like scalloping on edges. I think it produced fruit last fall, but can't describe. Any ideas?


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Camden County Missouri about 6 years ago

This is the 4th one in the same spot in a week span. WHAT IS IT?!?!

I've seen 4 of this same baby snake in the same spot for about a week now, the first one I saw was an adult copper head and I wasn't able to kill it. I've pretty much chocked up the little ones as baby copper heads because they have been crossing in the same spot as the adult. A baby green tree snake also crossed in this spot (the walkway to my house) and I left him be because I know they are harmless. But there had been a total of 6 snakes cross here in the past 2 months. What are these babies? They all look the same as this one. Before I killed this one is looked like it has a disign on its body but when I cut in in half the lower have of the body seemed to loose it's disign. And it was a very very feisty little guy before I ever touched it. body drawn back, togune flicking and striking.


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Camden County Missouri almost 4 years ago

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