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I bought 3 acres in mid-MO and some peaches, grapes, and apple trees came with the place. The grapes r really old. One grape has a trunk that is about 2 or 3 inches in diameter and two other grapes r probably 1 inch or more in diameter. The bigger grape produced quite a few medium sized blue (probably concord) grapes considering that it had no pruning or care of any kind. It is on a wire trellis of sorts and is probably 30 feet long and growing up a nearby tree. I didn't see any grapes on the smaller plants but they r probably 30 ft long and growing into a peach tree. I I am not sure if these r wild grapes or concords. How can I tell? The trunks on some of these vines must be 10 or 15 ft long. What would u suggest to rejuvenate these vines or should I just cut them down? There r probably at least 3 or 4 different varieties of peaches. One peach bloomed very early and took a long time to finally ripen the peaches. It resisted brown rot and insect infestation. It is freestone and produced wonderful peaches but some of the branches broke and I just finished sawing them off. The tree has multiple trunks and appears to be very old. Some of the other peaches have multiple trunks and r lying on the ground. They produced a lot of small peaches which all fell off the tree at the same time with many succumbing to brown rot. Several peaches barely flowered and didn't produce at all. The apple tree appears to be a standard sized Jonathan and only produced 20 or so small apples. It flowered beautifully though. There is a cottonwood nearby with its branches touching the apples branches. I'm thinking the apple would benefit if I cut down the cottonwood and spread mulch under the apple tree from the cottonwood. Thanks for your advice.


Callaway County Missouri over 6 years ago

Herbicides pre and post for grapes

Can I use herbicides with one year old trucks with out hurting the one year old trucks?


Callaway County Missouri about 5 years ago

what is this plant

Can you tell me what these are and are they edible?


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Callaway County Missouri about 4 years ago

Getting started with sheep

I am wanting start a meat sheep operation. I am not new to farming but new to sheep. I am looking for basic information as I plan an operation, suggestions for funding such as grants, etc. Anything you could share would be extremely helpful. I live in Central Missouri about 35 miles from Columbia.


Callaway County Missouri over 6 years ago

What is this?

I found this on my counter and on the floor. Please someone help me identify


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Callaway County Missouri over 3 years ago


Where can I buy this vaccine?


Callaway County Missouri about 7 years ago


I am trying to get pregnant and my cervix is high, soft, and wet. Does this mean I am ovulating or do I have to wait for it to drop to get pregnant?


Callaway County Missouri almost 4 years ago

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