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Leaves on my maple are small

The leaves on my maple tree were small and now are dying and falling off. What is the problem?


Buchanan County Missouri almost 4 years ago

fat tree

I have a two year old miniture weeping cherry. It is doing well. It is getting wider, but not taller. Is this normal?


Buchanan County Missouri almost 5 years ago

Unhealthy Goldenrain Tree

I have Goldenrain Trees. Two have dark green leave in abundance. The third tree the foliage is not nearly as thick and the leaves are a pale green color, with some leaves turning yellow. I don't see any signs of bugs. What would possibly be the problem


Buchanan County Missouri almost 4 years ago

Trying to find out...

Trying to find out what this plant is???



Buchanan County Missouri about 2 years ago

protect bulbs from moles/voles

what can one do to protect against moles eating tulip bulbs? can u treat the bulbs with something?


Buchanan County Missouri over 3 years ago

Hello, I am employed by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica (St. Joseph, MO) in...

Hello, I am employed by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica (St. Joseph, MO) in Research & Development/Regulatory, and am reaching out to inquire if you would be able to recommend a resource who would be able provide information regarding cattle grazing practices. In our ongoing research of a potential cattle product, we have been asked by the FDA to provide statistics of how prevalent high intensive rotational grazing is in the United States. The FDA acknowledges that the available information may be limited, but that it would be very helpful. Any information or direction you might provide would be very helpful. Thank you, Ruth Weese Specialist Pre-Approval Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. ruth.weese@boehringer-ingelheim.com 816-676-3603 816-676-8165 (cell)


Buchanan County Missouri over 4 years ago

Pear trees with marble size fruit?

I have a Barlett , and Oriental pear trees. They are 5 yrs old. 3 years ago the Bartlett had 2 full size pears on it. Last year both trees were full of hundreds of marble size fruit that never got any bigger. This year the Bartlett ha 7 full size pears on it plus hundreds of the marble sized ones. The Oriental has only marble sized (hundreds of them). Why???? They both are healthy looking and getting large. Why the tiny hard pear?


Buchanan County Missouri almost 6 years ago

what animals’ scat is this?

One scat was found yesterday in our backyard and one was found this morning 5 feet away from other one. Can you identify these? Also, we are concerned because our cat is missing and hoping something didn’t get him. Thanks for your help! We live in a city.


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Buchanan County Missouri 10 months ago

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