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What is this?

I found this in my child's car seat stuck on the styrofoam! I pulled it off and my dog tried to chew it up! Anybody know what it is?



Adair County Missouri 8 months ago

mason bee house & wasp

Hi! I am a 1st time mason bee keeper. I placed my mason bee house as directed & it appears to be attracting mason bees. Recently I observed a wasp housing in one of the bamboo tubes. The wasp is completely black. There may be other types, but I have not been able to get a good look. Will the wasp harm the bees? Should any nesting material be removed? Any advice will be appreciated.


Adair County Missouri 11 months ago

Ash leaves turn color

I have a large ash, about 14 years old, very healthy. Today (7/24) I noticed that some of the leaves, especially near the bottom, have changed color like in autumn. We are experiencing a heatwave. But I'm very concerned about the emerald ash borer, since it is now in the area and I didn't treat the tree this spring.


Adair County Missouri almost 4 years ago

brown leaves

2 weeks ago I bought 2 very large red maples about 14 feet tall.I planted them in my front yard.Iam worried about them now because the leaves are curling up and turnning brown.The place I bought them at told me to put 2 cups of lime and 2 cups of fertilizer on it and water them with once a week 30 gallons of water each.Any help would great


Adair County Missouri almost 3 years ago

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