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Frozen Rhubarb

My rhubarb stalks were about 6 inches tall and it froze last night down into the 20's. Should I get rid of them and let it come up again?


Wilkin County MN about 3 years ago

Can you help me identify what is killing my squah plants?

I have zucchini and spaghetti squash plants in planters. However, the leaves have been developing small brown spots and dying, and the flowers have been shriveling before falling off. I did find green aphids, red spider mites, a single leaf which looked like it had powdery Mildew, and some silvery looking bugs that moved like silverfish, but were closer to 1/4 inch. I used insecticidal soap, which got rid of those, but also damaged the plants a bit. I recently found that the leaves are still spotting brown, and there are small black bugs on them. There are also some white velvety spots on my Zucchini plants, even though I cut off all of the dead and affected leaves. Can you help me identify what is going on with my plants and if there is still hope to salvage them and get some squash? (and if there is hope for salvaging them, how to do so). Thank you very much!


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Wilkin County MN almost 3 years ago

Apple tree

We bought a farm with an apple orchard and today when I was pruning them I noticed several trees in one area that have little black specs on the bark. These trees appear to be dead from what I can tell. Can you tell me if this is from bugs or a disease and if it could have killed the trees or if the trees have it because they're dead. Thanks!


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Wilkin County MN about 4 years ago

At what temp. can I plant apple trees in Breckenridge MN. I will be picking...

At what temp. can I plant apple trees in Breckenridge MN. I will be picking them up around April 15th


Wilkin County MN about 6 years ago

Black Walnut Tree

Hello, My question is ,when can I take the black walnuts off the tree before the squirrels get them. My dad had a black walnut tree in his yard that was his favorite. After he passed I planted a tree in his memory at the cemetery , this is the 1st year it has walnuts, (Not very many). My son would like me to get a seed for Grandpa’s tree, try to get it to grow and plant in his yard. Any information will help. I live in Breckenridge Minnesota, if that helps with the timing, picking and planting instructions Thank you for your time. Brad Snyder


Wilkin County MN almost 3 years ago

Spider mites

How do I get rid of spider mites on indoor plants?


Wilkin County MN about 2 years ago

Apple trees

My son bought a house last fall and I am going to buy him 2 apple trees for his yard. It is between the Halared, Honeycrisp and the Sweet sixteen. Will they pollinate each other or not because I heard they were flowering group 4 self sterile trees. if so what do I need? How far apart should they be planted and should I get dwarf tree, I don't want it to get real tall so it is hard for him to pick the apples. any information will be helpfull. Do I keep in mind the type of root system? He lives in Breckenridge MN, so I think he has to have a zone 3 or 4 tree? Thanks for your time Brad Snyder bgsnyder60@hotmail.com


Wilkin County MN over 6 years ago

green berrys in grape clusters

what causes and how to control or minimize green berries in--Marquette grape clusters

some years there is a lot--last year not as many but still a few at harvest


Wilkin County MN 7 months ago

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