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Japanese Lilac tree

5 yrs old and 1-3 blossoms, some yrs has none,

Washington County MN 7 months ago

How to remove unwanted plants/ moss

Hi I have an unowned moss lake plant growing in my landscaping and appears to be spreading. Can you tell me what it is and how best to eliminate without affecting the other plants. Enclosed is a picture of the growth.

Washington County MN over 1 year ago


Will hostas thrive in the shade of white pines? Not directly under them but a minor needle shed on them! Also can they be split in the summer? Thank you!

Washington County MN over 2 years ago

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it....

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it. The tree has no leaves and did not produce any fruit. Worried this will spread to the remaining 10 apple trees we have. Any insight on what is occurring and how should we deal with this? Thank you!


Washington County MN over 4 years ago

What type of Insect is this?

What type of Insect is this?


Washington County MN over 5 years ago

Green Giant Arborvitae in 4B

I live just north of Minneapolis (Forest Lake) and have seen a few of these green giant arborvitae around. Most of them are quite tall and full which would work perfectly for a project I have in mind. My home backs up to a 15 acre wetland, but on one end they are going to be building a mini storage facility and parking lot. While I'm not thrilled about this, I think I can block out most of the view with something like the green giant. Most places online list this tree as a zone 5 minimum, but they must be OK to plant in 4B since I've seen a few around, right? Anything I can do in particular to help with the success rate in a non-favorable zone? Any other suggestions for fast-growing evergreen trees that I could plant to block out approx 7 acres of mini-storage? Thank you!


Washington County MN 11 days ago


Hello! I have a pachyphytum in my office that has gotten very leggy. Should I trim it back? Can I root the trimmings to start new plants? Many thanks, Chris



Washington County MN succulents pachyphytum rooting succulents about 1 month ago

Plant identification

Have a plant that grows under spruce trees, under oak trees, and pretty much everywhere in the unmanaged parts of the 4 acre property. Can you please identify this plant? I have been pulling them out with the root structure.


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Washington County MN about 1 month ago

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