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Japanese Lilac tree

5 yrs old and 1-3 blossoms, some yrs has none,

Washington County Minnesota about 1 month ago

How to remove unwanted plants/ moss

Hi I have an unowned moss lake plant growing in my landscaping and appears to be spreading. Can you tell me what it is and how best to eliminate without affecting the other plants. Enclosed is a picture of the growth.

Washington County Minnesota 11 months ago


Will hostas thrive in the shade of white pines? Not directly under them but a minor needle shed on them! Also can they be split in the summer? Thank you!

Washington County Minnesota about 2 years ago

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it....

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it. The tree has no leaves and did not produce any fruit. Worried this will spread to the remaining 10 apple trees we have. Any insight on what is occurring and how should we deal with this? Thank you!


Washington County Minnesota about 4 years ago

What type of Insect is this?

What type of Insect is this?


Washington County Minnesota about 5 years ago

Sumac removal

Is there a safe and effective way to remove sumac (e.g., staghorn)? I've seen you can cut the plant near the ground and spray the stumps with a pesticide. I'd prefer not to use glyphosate. There is too much to dig it all out myself. Are there contractors who will do this? I can't seem to locate any.


Washington County Minnesota 4 days ago

Cucumber Crossbreed plant?

Hello- I have 6 cucumber plants that I planted this year that all came from the same package. I don't recall the variety but it was a cheap 6 pack from Cub Foods flower mart. I have some "normal" looking cucumbers along with what appears to be winter squash type vegetables growing on the same plant. At least that is what another plant app identified it as. I cut one of the yellow orbital masses open to see and it looks, smells and tastes just like a cucumber. I did fertilize this every couple of weeks and gave it plenty of water. What is happening with my plants? Nobody has any clue. Thanks in advance.


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Washington County Minnesota 5 days ago

Suckers in my yard

I’ve got what seem to be suckers coming up in my yard. Every year they spread further and further. When I started digging them up I noticed they are coming from roots under ground. Some of the roots are 3/4” in diameter and 5’ long, after they snap off when I try and pull them out. The leaves on the suckers resemble those of two lilacs I have. Are the roots/suckers coming from the lilacs? I only have two trees in my backyard, a poplar and maple. Thank you.


Washington County Minnesota suckers lilac aspen trees 5 days ago

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