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How to remove unwanted plants/ moss

Hi I have an unowned moss lake plant growing in my landscaping and appears to be spreading. Can you tell me what it is and how best to eliminate without affecting the other plants. Enclosed is a picture of the growth.

Washington County MN 5 months ago


Will hostas thrive in the shade of white pines? Not directly under them but a minor needle shed on them! Also can they be split in the summer? Thank you!

Washington County MN over 1 year ago

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it....

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it. The tree has no leaves and did not produce any fruit. Worried this will spread to the remaining 10 apple trees we have. Any insight on what is occurring and how should we deal with this? Thank you!


Washington County MN over 3 years ago

What type of Insect is this?

What type of Insect is this?


Washington County MN over 4 years ago

Japanese beetles and Jan cold snap

Will there be substantial winter killed this year of Japanese beetles because of the lack of snow cover during the cold period?


Washington County MN horticulture japanese beetles 3 days ago

Green Grass Ad in St. Paul paper

There was an ad for Canada Green Grass seed - is this something that is recommended to be used in Minnesota or is it some kind of invasive species?


Washington County MN 5 days ago

Care for winterizing summer plants

I have many of my summer plants indoors and so far, besides looking a little straggley, they are living. Some in our hot tub room, others in front of sunny windows. Geraniums, begonia. Fern, 2 hibiscus trees, and another tropical. Can I cut them back now? Can I transplant them into bigger pots? Any fertilizer recommendations? Geraniums did great last winter but I didn’t do anything except water a little bit. Took a long time to bloom once outside in spring. Thank you Kathy Mathews


Washington County MN overwintering geraniums overwintering propagating begonias 16 days ago

treating cytospora disease in spruce

I supposedly have this fungus attacking my spruce. We water, but do not fertilize this 35 year-old tree. What do you recommend? Thanks!


Washington County MN cytospora on spruce cytospora canker about 1 month ago

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