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Japanese Lilac tree

5 yrs old and 1-3 blossoms, some yrs has none,

Washington County Minnesota 12 months ago

How to remove unwanted plants/ moss

Hi I have an unowned moss lake plant growing in my landscaping and appears to be spreading. Can you tell me what it is and how best to eliminate without affecting the other plants. Enclosed is a picture of the growth.

Washington County Minnesota over 1 year ago


Will hostas thrive in the shade of white pines? Not directly under them but a minor needle shed on them! Also can they be split in the summer? Thank you!

Washington County Minnesota about 3 years ago

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it....

Hi, We have a miniature apple tree that has some sort of fungus all over it. The tree has no leaves and did not produce any fruit. Worried this will spread to the remaining 10 apple trees we have. Any insight on what is occurring and how should we deal with this? Thank you!


Washington County Minnesota almost 5 years ago

What type of Insect is this?

What type of Insect is this?


Washington County Minnesota almost 6 years ago

What Apple pest caused this

Hi It looks like my haralson has a pest. Can you identify based on this photo?


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Washington County Minnesota 1 day ago

Oak Tree - something engulfed tree

Hi, I've two oak trees that suddenly are under seige from some type of pest, fungus, or something. I've attached a picture of what tree has. One tree has no green leaves now, the other is 2/3 of leaves are gone. There appears to be some type of organism around where the leaves where. Looking for advise on what to do next. Thanks for your help, Rich Robinson



Washington County Minnesota 1 day ago

Annabelle Hydrangea Blossum Trouble

My 20-year-old hydrangea has bloomed beautifully all along and has spread nicely in my trap-rock garden. I usually provide a watering with MirAcid every spring and a little 10-10-10. For the last three years my blossoms are not opening in areas as seen in the pictures. The number of blossoms have decreased also I believe. I’ve researched extensively and have not been able to find an answer as to why this may be happening. Is my bush lacking nutrients? I would be most grateful if you could help me as this bush was planted as my Mother’s memorial.


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Washington County Minnesota 2 days ago

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