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Tree ??

What type of tree is this ?



Wadena County Minnesota over 2 years ago

Help with diagnosis

I'm wondering if you can tell me what this is. It looks to be some type of gall perhaps but I've never seen one with such bright orange color. It's very hard, not spongy at all, and about 2 inches in diameter but eventually grows quite large. They don't grow in clusters but individually on branches. Tree is loaded with them.


20160520_105635_300x300%2523 20160520_105641_300x300%2523

Wadena County Minnesota over 4 years ago

I have an apple tree that seems to be dying but I don't know from what. Last...

I have an apple tree that seems to be dying but I don't know from what. Last year it was fine and produced many apples. This is only our second year owning the property so I don't know what kind of apple tree it is. We have had a lot of rain but we have good drainage here and the ground hasn't been spongy or anything. I have attached a picture and have 2 more but I think I can only add 1. I know there are a lot of suckers on the bottom of the tree. Could that have anything to do with it? Thanks for your help!!


Apple_tree_3_300x300%2523 Apple_tree_1_300x300%2523 Apple_tree_2_300x300%2523

Wadena County Minnesota over 6 years ago

Does potassium choloride hurt salt sensitive trees?

Can I safely use some potassium chloride fertilizer in my yard around my Tsuga Canadensis (eastern hemlock)?


Wadena County Minnesota almost 4 years ago

Elephant ear

My elephant ear doesn't seem to be growing and one leaf is looking bad. It has looked this way for about 4-6 months. I keep the soil moist and it is in a south window but not in direct sun. Can you give me any suggestions on what I am doing wrong. I



Wadena County Minnesota over 3 years ago

Plum tree problem

I was emailed these pictures of a person's plum trees. The plums are turning black and drying up like prunes. It's happening on two trees located next to each other. Can you tell me what might be causing this? Also there on insects on the leaves of the trees. I don't know if the two are related or if they are two separate issues. Is there a spray that is recommended?


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Wadena County Minnesota over 3 years ago

Tobacco mosaic virus

How widespread and serious is tobacco mosaic virus in Minnesota / OR is it minor or limited in scope across the state due to climate or geography ? I hope to plant some ornamental tobaccos because I feel I have the absolute perfect location and purpose. However, am I inviting trouble by bringing any variety of tobacco to my land ? The planting would be from a guaranteed seed source and located 300ft from any vegetable garden or fruit trees.


Wadena County Minnesota 12 months ago

Pine tree problem

Can you tell me what is happening to these pine trees? A person sent in these pictures. Said it's happening to all the pine trees in this area, some very small and some very large trees. It's a large grove of pine trees.


Pine_tree_300x300%2523 Pine_trees_300x300%2523

Wadena County Minnesota over 3 years ago

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