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autumn blaze maple did not change color

Today is November 27th and my Autumn Blaze Maple still has leaves. It did not change color this year and the leaves are still on the tree. I have three other Autumn Blaze Maples that turned color. Two of those trees are within 25 feet and the other tree is 100 feet. This is the first time the tree has not changes color and it is approximately 25 feet tall. The tree did not in any way appeared stressed through out the summer. Any ideas as to why the tree did not change color and why its leaves have not fallen off?


Wabasha County MN over 2 years ago

Red Currant bush

How much of a risk is there to plant a red currant bush if we have white pine trees?


Wabasha County MN almost 2 years ago

Ironwood leaf growths

My Ironwood tree has small ,hard, brown growths on the leaves that do not come off without tearing the leaf. I assumed it was a fungus, but fungus treatment does not help. The leaves are otherwise healthy. Thank you.


Wabasha County MN 4 days ago

Help with identification

I caught this bug on my deck and haven't been able to identify it. It'seems about 1 1/4" long with antenna about an inch long.





Wabasha County MN almost 5 years ago

Growing bok choy in Mn

Thinking of next year, my wife wants to try pot gardening some bok choy. Does it grow seed or root segments? I was thinking start them inside our apartment ( what amount of lead time for later setting out after last frost? )


Wabasha County MN almost 4 years ago

I have an apple tree that I believe was exposed to either a butternut or...

I have an apple tree that I believe was exposed to either a butternut or black walnut tree. I've read that these two trees are toxic, and the apple tree is showing signs of stress; the leaves are drying up and falling off. Is there anything I can do to nurse the tree back to full health or do I just have to let it run its course?


Wabasha County MN almost 6 years ago

Chicken of the woods questions

Hello this summer I got into mushroom foraging I'm not an expert but I have a pretty decent idea and did a decent amount of research but I found some chicken of the woods but was unsure after I cut into it when it started to seep a yellow water like substance and I'm not sure if that has any meaning like it's going bad or something any clue on what that is or if it's normal?


Wabasha County MN almost 2 years ago

North Star Cherry in a box over winter

I bought a North Star cherry tree, about a month ago, after moving to a condo/town home in Wabasha, MN. My intention was to plant it immediately. However, unbeknownst to me, the resident homeowners association feels it necessary to vote on whether and where I can plant it. (Same with a hosta garden for our northwest exposure, but that's another issue). The annual meeting isn't until October 22nd, dangerously close to ground freezing time, plus I want to give my little tree the best advantage of an earlier start, to get the roots at least a little established.

So, I have thought to plant it in a large cedar planter box, that way I could take it with me should I choose to move--which I am inclined to do, as I don't much like all these HOA rules, votes, etc.

My question is twofold: how big should I build the box for this dwarf tree, and secondly, will the tree survive outside in such a box through the winter, without the roots freezing, thus killing the tree? It's in a gallon pot now, about four and a half feet tall, but of course it will grow to be about 10'-15' tall if I'm not mistaken. Also, what would be the best soil mix for the North Star Cherry tree?

I might as well ask about the hostas, wild geranium, ligularia, bleeding heart, periwinkle, and clematis too. If they vote me down, or say I can't plant until next spring, can I put them in my heated garage at 45-50 degrees, into dormancy? If so, do I need to water them once a month? I already plan to put my mandevilla vine down there into dormancy that way, as that is what my research on it informed me to do, after cutting it back to about one foot. So sad to think about doing so, as it's so pretty out on the back balcony now, and the humming birds appreciate it too.

Thanks for all you do! Sheila Blackwell Wabasha, MN


Wabasha County MN over 2 years ago

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