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Hosta freeze

Might have forgotten to leave my email on my previous question so have added it below. Thanks again!

Stearns County MN 16 days ago

Are Oso Easy roses hardy in zone 3?

Some sources say zones 5-9 and others say zone 3. I'm interested in planting Ose Easy Fragrant Spreaders, PP15981 - Peachy Cream, PP15982 - and Paprika, PP18347 Thank you kindly.


Stearns County MN over 6 years ago

Fertilizing Overseeding

When can you fertilize after Overseeding on an established lawn in spring.


Stearns County MN about 3 years ago

Rabbit damage to cherished shrub

Hello, I'm hoping my beloved Euonymus alatus can survive an attack by rabbits. I fear for it because the main stem has had its bark nibbled around its entire perimeter. Bark on other, smaller branches or stems have also been chewed off, but the main stem has had the worse damage. I've now got a cage around the entire plant. (It stand about 4.5' tall). Is there anything that can be done to save it? Thank you, Mary


Stearns County MN 4 months ago

Tree Problem

I have a Acer X PSE North Wind tree planted two years ago. It looked great last summer but has not leafed out this spring. I cut a small branch that still looks alive on the inside. Is this a problem with the buds freezing in early spring? Should I simply take a wait and see approach or should the tree be replaced?


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Stearns County MN 11 months ago

How can I get rid of Quack grass in my Asparagus patch ?? Thanks,

How can I get rid of Quack grass in my Asparagus patch ?? Thanks,


Stearns County MN about 5 years ago

crabapple trees dropping fruit

I have 2 'Red Splendour' crabapple trees that are about 25 years old each. I bought them as they have the tiny apples on them that are not supposed to drop from the tree, and up until last year they didn't. Last year both trees were loaded with apples, but at least 1/3 of them dropped throughout the month of August. I thought it was maybe due to too many apples. But now the trees are doing the same thing - is there a blight or disease going around affecting crabapple trees. My son (15 miles away) has a similar mini-crabapple tree that's about 15 years old and looks like it's dying - small leaves and smaller branches dying.


Stearns County MN 10 months ago

I have an anthurium. It gets sun from the west window. The leaves turn brown...

I have an anthurium. It gets sun from the west window. The leaves turn brown on the tips and then it spreads throughout the leaf until it falls off or I pull it off which when I do it comes out easily after the leaf is totally brown. The plant continues to grow new leaves but even the new leaves have this happen. I keep it the soil well watered and do not let it dry out. It also gets what looks like tiny spots either tan or brown which I am able to flick off with a finger nail. There are no legs so I don't know if it is a bug? They are oval shaped.


Stearns County MN over 6 years ago

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