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What kind of rock?

Can someone please tell me the type of rock this is? Was found in Lake Superior MN


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Sibley County MN 12 months ago

I have black hills spruce trees. This year the bottom branches have started...

I have black hills spruce trees. This year the bottom branches have started dying. Is it the bunny who is roaming? Or is it that I had to have a septic system put in-it is tanks with a drainage field-maybe they disturbed the roots when they put the system in. It seems to be just in that area where they were working.. What can I do now? Thanks.


Sibley County MN over 6 years ago

Two springs ago I found five "nests" looking like tightly woven...

Two springs ago I found five "nests" looking like tightly woven spiderweb on my ornamental 20 foot crab apple tree. Now it looks like the photos of apple scab disease and about half of the leaves turned yellow and fell off a month ago. We did have a wet year, so what do you think happened? Do you suggest I try to revive the tree to its beautiful (I haven't done any spray or fertilizer at all) state or is it too late for this tree?


Sibley County MN almost 6 years ago

Plum seeds

While on a camping trip I found this wild plum tree. It had ripe fruit and was a freestone wild plum. I picked a half dozen plums and ate them saving the seeds. I would like to have one of those in my orchard. Can I get the seeds to produce a plant that I can grow into a tree?? Would like recommendations on how to get the seeds to grow.


Sibley County MN almost 3 years ago

Moving hostas plants?

Is it wise to move my hosta at this time of the year? I have purchased some from a nursery that I will need to plant some time soon. Should I wait until later in fall? Some could be moved next spring if that is best; however, the hosta I purchased and some given to me from a friend's garden will have to be dealt with before winter.


Sibley County MN almost 5 years ago

norway spruce

We have over 200 Norway spruce, of 17 years of age. Most look great but last summer we noticed several that were browning. This seems to be spreading. Can you recommend an arborist that could look at our trees? The county extention agent came out and tested for a particular disease, which was negative, but gave us no other help as to why the trees are dying.


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Sibley County MN about 6 years ago

Weeds and grass in lillies of the valley

I have very large bed of lillies of the valley. It has a lot of grasses and weeds that have invaded.(see photos) is there a weed killer I can use that will not harm them. If not any suggestions?


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Sibley County MN about 3 years ago

Apple trees

Have a fireside and honey crisp tree. Both bloomed just great but set no apples this year. Last year I had a nice crop, not a huge one but good. Both trees are about 10 years old. Why the great blooms but no apples?


Sibley County MN almost 4 years ago

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