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Steps to eliminate lawn leaf spot and melting out

Disregard - Double-post due to technical difficulties. Original post:

I am reasonably certain that my Kentucky Bluegrass lawn is/was suffering from leaf spot and melting out. I applied fertilizer a few weeks prior coupled with the wet/cool weather and the signs/symptoms of the disease that I have read. I treated with Spectracide Immunox after an application of dish soap from a hose-end sprayer last Monday the 9th. The affected areas still have a water-starved appearence and are slowly browning in spots. I sometimes feel that the lawn looks like it is improving - but other times not. I cannot find the proper treatment steps anywhere on the web beyond chemical applications and methods to prevent reinfection. I don't know what to expect or what I should be looking for. Should I rake/dethatch the affected areas? Will the lawn die and have to be reseeded? I have been following the suggestions I found on the internet and have not been watering, have sharpened my mower blade and have been bagging clippings. Should I have noticed a significant inprovement a week after treatment? I have attached a couple of photos from before treatment. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Scott County MN about 7 years ago

Spotted tomato

I have never seen this tie dye look on a tomato ever. Can you help me identify what caused this?



Scott County MN about 15 hours ago

Lilac bacterial blight

Good afternoon, Our lilac hedge we believe has some severe bacterial blight. Shortly we are having it trimmed with large canes removed. However, we're looking for a solution for the blight for this time of year rather than allowing it the opportunity to spread. Additionally, we're concerned about any reoccurring issues next year. How do we proceed? Is there a natural vs a chemical herbicide available by chance? Thank you. Cordially, Robert Bayer


Scott County MN 1 day ago

Help my lawn is being taken over

This year my backyard has slowly become less grass and more of this brightly colored grass/weed.Some say its crabgrass but I don't think so. It doesn't have the thin long stalk with seeds. Also, I put a weed preventer on in spring and still got this. It's only in my backyard and I see a lot of neighbors with it too. How do I get rid of it, short of killing it with spray and pulling the roots? Which I imagine would take several 8 hr days. Or do I just have to wait till next year to prevent it?


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Scott County MN 1 day ago

Lilac Hedge

Lilac hedge looks like drying out losing leaves 10year old hedge plenty of moisture have seen japenese beetles in area Thanks


Scott County MN 3 days ago

Plant showing up in hostas

What is this plant, seems invasive.Thank you for any information you can give me.



Scott County MN 7 days ago

What’s the plant?

Can you identify the plant from these pictures. It broke very easily when trying to position it for a picture.


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Scott County MN 9 days ago

Crabgrass, quackgrass or something else?

We had a commercial company spraying for weeds last year. But because of the pandemic we had to cut back on certain expenses so we decided not to have them out this year. Our frontyard looks fine but in the backyard we have half grass 1/2 this weed. My husband used Scotts Weed and feed at the beginning of Spring. I thought it would take care of this but this weed has just began to emerge more this past month. Any idea what it is and what we can do about it? It does not look like the normal crabgrass we get.


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Scott County MN 14 days ago

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