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Steps to eliminate lawn leaf spot and melting out

Disregard - Double-post due to technical difficulties. Original post:

I am reasonably certain that my Kentucky Bluegrass lawn is/was suffering from leaf spot and melting out. I applied fertilizer a few weeks prior coupled with the wet/cool weather and the signs/symptoms of the disease that I have read. I treated with Spectracide Immunox after an application of dish soap from a hose-end sprayer last Monday the 9th. The affected areas still have a water-starved appearence and are slowly browning in spots. I sometimes feel that the lawn looks like it is improving - but other times not. I cannot find the proper treatment steps anywhere on the web beyond chemical applications and methods to prevent reinfection. I don't know what to expect or what I should be looking for. Should I rake/dethatch the affected areas? Will the lawn die and have to be reseeded? I have been following the suggestions I found on the internet and have not been watering, have sharpened my mower blade and have been bagging clippings. Should I have noticed a significant inprovement a week after treatment? I have attached a couple of photos from before treatment. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Scott County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture over 6 years ago

What is this plant

I planted what I thought was zucchini about Mid May but plant is really tall and has no flowers as of today.


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Scott County Minnesota over 2 years ago

Japanese beetles

This year was the worse! The beetles destroyed our flowers, grapes and apples. We want to wage war against them next year. I have read about using milky spore and neem oil to treat the adult beetles and grubs. Probably to late to do anything this year. Can you give me more information about applying these products for next year and where the best place to purchase them in the metro area.


Scott County Minnesota japanese beetles about 1 year ago

Honey Crisp Apple Trees

I have three young Honey Crisp Apple Trees that were transplanted about three years ago. I believe that they had blossoms last year. This year none of the tree had any blossoms. I checked with the nursery where I bought them which is about 1/4 miles away, and theirs did not blossom either. Why would that be?


Scott County Minnesota apple tree didnt bloom horticulture over 2 years ago

Shouldn't the shrub rose bushes be full of leaves now? Most of my bushes show...

Shouldn't the shrub rose bushes be full of leaves now? Most of my bushes show dead stems but some have green stalks up to a point. There are leaves and buds on some stems so the bush is not dead. Only two out of eight rose bushes are full of leaves now with buds. Four of the bushes show new leaves near the ground but that is all.


Scott County Minnesota over 5 years ago

Grass Issues......

Hi: I have a few problems with my lawn this season. First, we recently removed two large cottonwood trees. I filled the holes with new soil and planted Scotts EZSeed in the patches. The grass germinated and came in very well. However, recently those formerly nice growing patches have become brownish and seemed starved for water (See Pic Below). The confusing part is that when I water, I get a lot of mushrooms in those spots. I am assuming from the decomposition of the wood/stumps under the dirt. Any ideas on the new grass? Second, I have noticed that there are numerous small patches of dark green on the lawn too that look out of place (See Pic Below). Any ideas? Lastly, the removed Cottonwoods are throwing suckers up everywhere in the lawn. I have removed the larger roots where I can, but the clusters of suckers keep coming up every couple of days. I am now spraying them with Weed-B-Gon and waiting to pull them. The suckers have been wilting. Is there anything else that I can do? Thanks for your time. You provide a wonderful service. Regards, Greg


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Scott County Minnesota over 3 years ago

From Prior Lake, MN

In attached pic, is a plant that came out of nowhere fast..its about 4ft tall with huge leaves. I did not plant it and wondering what it is before I pull it up. In pic it is slightly wilted looking due to hot weather. Perhsps it's a weed..i just dont know. I sure hope you can help me, I'm new in MN (Prior Lake) and none of my neighbors know what it is. Thank you so much! P. Holmes



Scott County Minnesota plant id giant ragweed 4 months ago

what kind of bug is this, and how can our community garden organically remove...

what kind of bug is this, and how can our community garden organically remove them? they look like box elder bugs, only more brown than red, and have eaten all of the squash in our community garden. any information would be wonderful to hear!



Scott County Minnesota squash bugs about 6 years ago

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