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Hi I was just wondering we do landscaping and we took down a crab apple tree...

Hi I was just wondering we do landscaping and we took down a crab apple tree with very red berries and I would like to try and keep the sticks/branches with the berries on it to do decorating at the holiday season so I would need to keep another month here to make - pots and etc would it be better to put the branches in water hidden in a shed or leave them dry in a pail - I just wondering which would keep them better - thanks


Rice County MN over 4 years ago

Rosa Easy Elegance rose plant

We would like advice regarding our three easy elegance rose plants. They are planted on the southside of our home in soil that can be a mix of clay. There are grey colored rocks around these plants. They are between 3-5 years old and were purchased at a quality greenhouse. Our main problem we are seeing is they grow good in the spring and then get tall and thin, quite spindly and skinny not full like years back.We use a rose fertilizer that was recommended in spring and fall. We hope there is some help for our plants. Thank you, Susan O.


Rice County MN almost 2 years ago

What's happening to my catalpa tree?

I planted this tree around 2007 or 2008 along with one other one. They were both seedlings probably two or so years old taken from a friend's farmyard. This one had better soil than the other one and has grown rather rapidly. I don't think I've ever fertilized it, and only watered it during severe droughts. It has now reached a height of probably 18 or so feet. This year it bloomed beautifully as usual and had a lot of new growth, as usual. A few weeks ago, after a rather severe hot spell and then rain, leaves started turning brown and falling off. I am including pictures. The other tree, which is maybe 200 ft away is in very sandy soil and has not grown nearly as fast even with more frequent watering and fertilizing. In the last couple of years it has started gaining ground. This tree has not been affected. I am hoping you can give me some insight on what the problem is and what can be done, if anything. Thank you, Jeff Kirkpatrick


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Rice County MN almost 2 years ago

Poison Ivy

Is this poison Ivy? Usually standing more upright. I have asked several people, all have said no except for one that supposedly knows whom I asked today says maybe, maybe not but to treat it like it is. Which I have been doing for 3 years now. I live just west of Faribault on 1/2 acre lot. Thought I had it eradicated. Keeps popping up in garden, other spots. Those darn ole birds I think!....LOL


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Rice County MN over 2 years ago

I have a PeeGee Hydrangia . It's about 9 years old and about 4 1/2 feet tall....

I have a PeeGee Hydrangia . It's about 9 years old and about 4 1/2 feet tall. How short should it be trimmed? In the past I think that I have cut it down to about 1 or two feet but really can't remember. Thank you.


Rice County MN about 5 years ago


I did leave a message on the answering machine but it is almost like I got cut off so don't know if you got it. I am just wanting to know about jewelweed and anything you can tell me about it. I have heard you can get something from this plant that helps you with problems if you are affected by itchweed. I love to wirk outside and get into things that sometimes need to go to the DR to get over the problems I have. Since being into things alot it seems to become easier to gwt into it and some times now am bothered by almost anything. So have heard that use jewelweed and get the juice from it and use it when yyou have to cover the areas where you have touched itchweed. I am looking to find this plant, does it have another name, can't seem to find it anywhere. Can you tell me more about this plant and your thoughts on why I want to plant it. Thanks, Jim. jimbosgreens@gmail.com


Rice County MN almost 2 years ago

Creeping Charlie and Honey Bee hives

Residential yard with increasing amounts of Creeping Charlie with my reluctance to spray due to two honey bee hives on my property. How do I SAFELY treat this? Previous site of lightening strike to a tree (approximately 6yrs. ago). Does that change soil composition?


Rice County MN about 4 years ago

Split Linden tree trunk

I have a Linden tree, 25 yrs. old, that is split up to 6.5" from the base of the trunk up about 16-18 feet. Tree was previously healthy last summer. Tree is approximately 35' tall, with in 20' of my home, southwest exposure. Does this need treatment? Should the tree be cut down?


Rice County MN over 3 years ago

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