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Container gardens

Hi! I live in a Roseville condo, with a 14x8 ft. south facing patio, open above so there is no shade from overhead. There are mature trees beyond, so I have a mix of full sun (up to 6 hrs) and part shade, which moves during the day. There is a divider wall on the west side of the patio, and it is open on the East end. This will be my 3rd growing season here. I have a vertical shelf that accommodates 5 tiers of 24" rectangular pots, that I place so they are graduated: the lowest stands entirely out from the unit, and higher 4 shelves have a few inches not shaded from above. Each has 3 drainage holes. The only edibles I planted, on top 2 shelves so they could drape, were strawberries. Flowers thrived on this unit, placed against west (brown metal siding) divider wall; strawberries did not. All were pretty wet during spring rains. Last year I bought wild geraniums that I'd like to include in the shelves in place of some of the annuals. Though I like this location from an esthetic point of view, I also have 2 other options for placing it: against a railing on the East end of the patio, where it would get sun and rain from front and back, or against a brick wall on the East end of the patio. I also have potted monarda and Walker's low catmint in large pots at the front edge of the patio. I overwinter those, and the wild geraniums, in an outdoor garden, covered with straw. I've also tried vegetables with little success,on that East end of the patio. I want to have organic lettuce, chard, kale and spinach, that I'd previously grown in a sunny raised bed with good success. Next priority for veggies are patio cherry tomatoes. Last priority are climbing green beans and summer squash. I used a tall inverted tomatoes cage with strung like a tipi for climbing. The Japanese beetles did them in. I used a compost-rich mixture of garden soil and potting soil the first summer, which proved to hold too much water. Last summer I added more potting soul and peat moss, erroneously thinking it would help with drainage. Perhaps the acidity hurt the flowers and vegetables? I'm assuming I should add perlite to the soil before planting this year? I created a porous 1/2" space (cut up dollar stores plastic baskets) at the bottom of my rectangular pots with a watering tube and no drainage holes - making them srkf-warwering - the first year, falsely thinking they would dry out quickly. Instead they drowned w MN rain. I later opened pots with drainage holes, but kept that small drainage "shelf" at the bottom. I later removed the shelves from the rectangular pots, thinking the plants needed more soil - putting in some stones for drainage. Kept the "shelves" in for larger pots. I've
started some greens indoors, and now that the snow is off my patio

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Ramsey County Minnesota 9 days ago

How and when to prune, and how to protect from deer: Moonrise Maple

This photo was taken today of our Moonrise Maple planted early July at about 66", doing very well and really leafing out. It replaces a 60" multi-stem A. Truncatum we planted in 2017, that was completely eaten by deer in our neighborhood. We eventually want to prune away the lower 4-5' of this Moonrise, so that it will be a shade tree, without shocking the tree. When and how to prune, please? After losing our multi-stem A. Truncatum over the winter and replacing it with this single stem Moonrise, we have purchased 3' tall wood stakes and chicken wire with the idea of creating a fence around the tree, with about a six foot diameter. Please tell us if this is the best plan to protect against rabbits and deer, or if there is a better way to go about it. We also have a trunk cage but without pruning the lower branches, not sure how we can use it this year. If it is possible to use the cage (it's one of the large round ones with holes in it), please tell us how. Thank you very much!


Ramsey County Minnesota 8 months ago

Gourd Goo

What is this clear, gelatin like goo coming out of these gourd stems...

Ramsey County Minnesota 9 months ago

oak leanes

what should I do with all these oak leaves ?

Ramsey County Minnesota 9 months ago

Irish grapes

Can u tell me what this is?


Ramsey County Minnesota 9 months ago

How come no MN Gardening Calendar 2018?

Wife is truly bummed out, no repeat Xmas present she loves- what gives!? Thanks- you guys do a great job, Charlie Lawson

Ramsey County Minnesota over 1 year ago

diagnose a weed

We have acres of this weed. What is is?


Ramsey County Minnesota over 1 year ago

Stressed pine tree

Our huge pine tree has declined in the past 2 years. It was a gorgeous, full tree and now it has a lot of spaces between branches and a lot of brown branches close to trunk. I will send photos in a separate email. They wii be from pbehrenbrinker@gmail.com. My name is Patty. Thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota over 1 year ago

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