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I am growing garden hucklebeery to use in wine. this will be uncooked but...

I am growing garden hucklebeery to use in wine. this will be uncooked but fully ripened on the vine ,would this still be toxic or would the fermantation do away with the toxic thank you


Pope County MN over 5 years ago

cutting back dogwoods

our dogwoods shrubs have grown out of control this summer almost 6 ft tall and wide. Is it ok to cut them down to size now in Sept.


Pope County MN over 3 years ago

aphids in soil in my greenhouse

I had aphids on my tomatoes in my greenhouse last fall. I pulled the tomatoes all up and got rid of a lot of aphids. Can I treat the soil with something to kill the eggs if they overwintered in my greenhouse. Or, what would you suggest? Thank you, Sandy


Pope County MN over 3 years ago

Ugly Beetle like insects eating my tomatoes

What kind of bug is this and how do I get rid of them? They show up around this time of year for the third year in a row. They totally destroy the tomatoes and seem to attack a couple of tomatoes at a time but are usually all grouped together. I'm guessing we have about 50 of them eating on what tomatoes I haven't harvested.



Pope County MN over 1 year ago

What is the problem with my rhubarb.? It has holes bored in the leaves and...

What is the problem with my rhubarb.? It has holes bored in the leaves and the back side of the leaves has black fungus spots all over them. It was there when we bought the house and it's supposed to be strawberry rhubarb and I'm not sure if that would play a part in what's going on with the plant. I hate to lose the plant as we love rhubarb. Can you help with some advise.? Thanks in advance.


Pope County MN almost 5 years ago

Wild berries

What berries grow along roads, with berry the size of chokecherry, coloring is also the same as choke cherry. The seed is smaller, and not round like choke cherry. The leaves remind me of Apple or choke cherry. The berries grow in small cluster, with small stems unlike a choke cherries, this time of year


Pope County MN over 3 years ago

Using completely composted leaves from woods as soil in raised beds.

We have some heavily wooded property in Western Minnesota. The decomposed leaves seem as if they would make wonderful soil for raised beds in my yard in town. I know there is poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak on our acreage. Would it be too risky to use those decomposed leaves in a garden? Would it be less risky if I gathered them before any poisonous plants come out of dormancy? Also, we plan to create walking trails in the woods. Is there any environmentally friendly products that would destroy those plants so we can avoid using RoundUp? I'm not certain how prevalent the poisonous ivy, sumac and oak are, but all three have been encountered (and experienced!) at some point on this farm.


Pope County MN about 4 years ago

Vines in my native flowers

I have a native plant flower bed that is being invaded by a vine that has no leaves. It wraps itself around the stem and then sends a sprout over to a neighboring plant. It drains the flower of its nutrients so that it doesn’t flower. What is this vine and how can I get rid of it. I have include two pictures to help you identify it.


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Pope County MN almost 2 years ago

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