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What type of hedge is this

We bought a farm site in Northern Minnesota and this hedge is most of the way around the property -- we would like to fill in the bare spots of this hedge but have no idea what it is. Some of the braches are very old reaching to almost 2 inches, but others are very delicate, the flowers are small. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Polk County MN almost 4 years ago

I planted a row of small yew trees in my back yard two years ago. Last year...

I planted a row of small yew trees in my back yard two years ago. Last year they came through the winter just fine, but this year the part of the tree that wasn't covered with snow turned brown. I'm wondering what to do. Is the brown part dead? Do I need to cut them back? As you can see from the photo that would mean cutting off half of the little tree, and I really don't want to do that. Thanks for your help and advice.



Polk County MN about 6 years ago

What kind of animal poop is this?

I live in EGF MN. This morning I went to mow my yard and I found these 2 piles of poop in my back yard by my grandsons swingset. Can you please tell me what kind of animal they are from? Do I have to be worried about safety? Thank you H. York


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Polk County MN 11 months ago

Invasive night crawler infestation.

My yard has been overwhelmed by very large numbers of night crawlers. I trip over the mounds they make. The mounds are so big that my garden hoses get snagged by them. Just walking around my yard is dangerous with ankle twists constantly. Mounds make mowing difficult as they cause my lawn tractor to toss to one side or the other plus they are so tall that they dull my expensive blades. I need a treatment to get rid of these things so I can enjoy my five acre yard again! Is there a treatment that can be applied for such a huge yard? Simply rolling the yard is pointless as the mounds just return overnight. Diatomaceous earth only comes in 4# bags. Is there an alternative? Thank you for your help!


Polk County MN about 1 month ago

Worms in Raspberry Fruit

I have Found tiny worms in the berries the later half of the season. What is the cause and what is the cure?


Polk County MN almost 5 years ago

Gladiolus video

Is there a Gladiolus video for how to deal with croms after they’re dug up? Dumb luck that most of my glads have survived this long.


Polk County MN 9 months ago

I have a huge yard with huge nightcrawler infestation. Need help!

My yard is five acres in area. It is completely infested with huge night crawler that are over six inches in length. They make very large mounds that I constantly trip over and twist my ankles. The mounds even snag my garden hoses. The mounds become like cement as I have clay under loam type soil. Rolling this yard is futile as the huge mounds just reappear. I want them gone. Regular earthworms are great! These are creating a nightmare in my yard. I need a treatment plan to cover my huge yard. Thank you for your help!


Polk County MN about 1 month ago

Looking for Shady, deer resistant, annual seed

I'm looking for something deer resistant to plant outside my vegetable garden fence. When the guys dig it in the spring, there is an appropriate 10'x30' space in the shade between the oak trees and the fence. It's difficult to mow after digging and gets very weedy. I'm looking for some annual seed to fill in that space. The guys are not that enthusiastic about some of the green manure opinions and I'm leery about planting something like zinnias in the shade not to mention the extra weeding they will need. Thiough zinnias are tempting after seeing a patch in a farmer's field edge over by Fargo. Any suggestions?


Polk County MN over 4 years ago

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