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What is this plant?

I have this plant spreading through my garden amongst ferns and hostas. It has been showing up for 3 years and is spreading similarly to a 'snow on the mountain' with tendrils spreading out everywhere. It's getting pretty invasive and I am removing a lot of it, but just wonder what it might be? Thank you, Linda, Rochester


Olmsted County MN 25 days ago

how do I identify weeds, especially when they're short and haven't produced...

how do I identify weeds, especially when they're short and haven't produced seeds

Olmsted County MN almost 6 years ago

No blooms on my apple trees

I have patiently waited 7 years for a sapling honeycrisp tree to flower and produce apples. There have been zero blossoms. At the time I planted a golden delicious and honeycrisp. One tree died and we replaced with another honeycrisp. There is also a crabapple tree of some variety within 20 feet of each in my backyard in Rochester, MN. I’m trying to figure out if I should keep waiting, plant more trees, or cut them down and start over. Help!

Olmsted County MN 12 months ago

Non chemical lawn

How to control Glechoma hederacea (ground Ivy)? Currently mulch-mowing to 3 inches, but considering soil amendments and possible core aerator rental. Only concerned about it creeping into our garden as it's laborious to pull :) Also, need a something to display that it's a chemical-free lawn - for kids, pets, and animals - and prevent lawn care solicitations. Any suggestions?


Olmsted County MN 12 months ago

Box wood hedge that is orange

I have a box wood hedge in front of my house. The leaves are mostly orange with some green. Is this winter kill or burn? Should I apply Miracid? Should I trim the hedge thinking the green leaves will come back?


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Olmsted County MN 12 months ago

flowering bush

About 5 yrs ago I put 5 trumpet vines against a chain link fence, which is on the west side of our yard. My plan was to attract more humming birds. They are not blooming as much as I thought they would. They are also too rangy. I am hoping you can suggest something else that would show flowers. I will dig out the trumpet vines. I live in northwest Rochester. I hope you have some good ideas for my husband and myself. Thank-you so much for your time. Kathy of Rochester


Olmsted County MN about 2 years ago

Hello, I am from Germany and have not had much luck finding comparable...

Hello, I am from Germany and have not had much luck finding comparable full-sized black cherry trees here in the US. This may just be a matter of not knowing what to look for, but back home it is very common to see tremendous black cherry trees with trunks up to 2.5 or 3 feet in diameter completely loaded down with large, sweet, black as night cherries in the yards of older homes. Is there a particular cultivar I should be looking for to achieve similar results here in Southeast Minnesota? If so, where can I get a good reliable plant; after all, this is something you plant to enjoy for many many years. Thank you for your time, Delsin Carter



Olmsted County MN over 6 years ago

Blue spruce tip loss

We have several mature blue spruce. Lat year and particularly this year in the spring I have noticed hundreds of small branch tips (apparently very green, turgid and healthy) on the ground around the trees (particularly one of the trees). Some of the tips are large (6" or more) branches - these seem to have been cut off and are somewhat flaccid (squirrels?), but the vast majority of the tips are small 1" or 2" long growth tips. The twig ends of these do not show any cutting and, rather, seem to have healed over, so that the end of the fallen twig has "bark" grown over the end down to a small pin-sized center, which seems to be very dry. While I have seen some on-line discussion of this type of thing, nothing seems to suggest an answer other than squirrels, which doesn't seem to fit my situation (unless for the larger branches that have fallen). Healing over of a bitten branch doesn't seem likely if the detachment is caused by a squirrel bite. Any thoughts?


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Olmsted County MN about 2 years ago

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