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Fall Perennial Flower Care

This spring I planted a few perennial flowers around my yard. I am wondering if it is alright to trim them down to about 2 or so inches high? Specifically wondering about Liatris, Butterfly Weed, and Delphinium. There are quite a few seeds/seed pods on the Liatris and Butterfly Weed. Can I leave them on until early spring, then trim down? Let me now. Thanks! Trent


Nicollet County MN over 4 years ago

apple root stock/scions dying

I grafted ~40 apple root stocks/scions this spring and planted them in my raised beds. I did this for fun and was planning on giving most of them away to friends. This is the second year I have been grafting. Most of the new trees started very aggressively with new shoots. 3-4 weeks in they started showing signs of dying. The leaves of the root stock went first. This is Geneva 210 root stock that is supposed to be very disease resistant, including fire blight resistant. I grafted many different varieties of apples, over 15. Most of them cider apples. Most were purchased from large nurseries. A few I got from a friend who I have come to find out has a disease on one of his many trees maybe fire blight or black rot on one of his trunks. He had a few trees die over the past few years. I continue to have new buds erupting and want to be as proactive as I can in order to prevent more deaths. The other thing I should mention is that I believe I may have kept my graft rapping (commercial grafting tape) on for too long after grafting and so this may have stressed the scions somewhat. The abnormal changes started first in a Haral Red and then Honey Gold and have since spread to others, including ones that I assumed to be resistant to fire blight. Also, the root stocks are supposed to be resistant to fire blight but the leaves are still dying. The Haral Red (from the friend's orchard) had the earliest change in that its bark started turning orange and streaking and I will add a picture of that in the first upload. I am worried that I have transferred this infection during the grafting process through my whip/tongue cuts because I didn't sanitize the blade in between cuts. I plan to try a treatment in the near future and have thought about using Serenade. I did have tomatoes in these raised beds last year and there were some blight issues. I wouldn't mind a phone call if there is lengthy discussion, or e-mail works too. Phone number is 507-327-8165. Jeff Weideman


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Nicollet County MN almost 3 years ago


The spruce trees in our condominium association's common area are 15 years old and we lifted the lower branches (pruned) to encourage air circulation to the upper-inner branches a year ago. The area beneath was never mulched and grass was not planted nor would it thrive in the shade, and the needle drop duff now forms a partial mulch. The weeds now appearing are just being sprayed by the undirected and uninformed vendor doing our lawn care. Should they be controlled with weed whipping, or manual pulling, or with a heavier mulch? What is your opinion of the practice being used now of just spraying on an herbicide?, doesn't that poison or sicken the tree, too, eventually? I am the lone ranger here with our property manager and resident's association board and need science to provide us with a desirable practice. Thank you. John A. Chamberlain 1304 Pine Point Curve Saint Peter, MN 56082


Nicollet County MN 9 months ago

Removing heavy truck tire ruts from a lawn in our condominium association's common area?

A careless resident allowed a mover's truck veer off the common area drive onto the common lawn cutting up to 3" ruts in the turf. What practice is recommended for this damage repair? "Cooperative" technical decision making is sometime elusive when common funds are being spent and when every association owner-member has his or her own opinion. What is the best practice? Thank you. Yours very truly, //s// John A. Chamberlain, Director 1304 Pine Point Curve Saint Peter, MN 56082


Nicollet County MN 9 months ago

I have a forsythia bush that is doing well and appears to be spreading. Can...

I have a forsythia bush that is doing well and appears to be spreading. Can it be divided or should I leave it alone? I don't want to damage it. Marsha Balfanz


Nicollet County MN about 6 years ago

Aronia Berry

Our Aronia Berries are plentiful but now the berries are turning yellow and falling off their clusters. We are Organic and in our 5 th year.


Nicollet County MN 12 months ago

Spider invasion

This spider is all around a neighbors home, in the soffits and the siding. Any ideas what it is and if it is harmless?



Nicollet County MN over 2 years ago

How deep do the roots of a Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle go?

I am planning them on a steep hillside for erosion, know the they will sucker. I would like to know how deep their roots go? Thanks


Nicollet County MN about 4 years ago

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