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best disease resistant tomato

We have a small home garden and would like to raise tomatoes in our raised garden. Also we had such a wet year that many of our plants got a fungus that showed white on their leaves. It appears like water drying on the plant. Is there something we should do now to protect our plants for next year?


Morrison County MN over 3 years ago

Whits clover

Where would you suggest I buy white clover to mix in with grass seed for our lawn? Trying to get rid of weeds without using a weed killer. We have an established lawn that is full of weeds and ugly dandelions. Thank you.


Morrison County MN about 3 years ago

Transplanting a Maple tree

Hello, We have @ a 6 ft maple that we have to transplant to another spot. I thought I read through this site once that you should spade down around the tree a few feet out to alert the roots, then wait roughly a week before moving it. I can't find anything on that now. Can you tell me the best way to move a tree that size? We also have 50 first year Black Walnut seeding's that we are going to move this fall. I would take any advice on moving those also. Thank you very much - Chris Bermel


Morrison County MN over 3 years ago

Shedding bark

My 5-7 year old red maple is shedding it’s bark


Morrison County MN 6 months ago

Lawn diseases and broadleaf weeds. I've been fighting them all summer.

I acquired a fungal disease (brown spot) and also been overcome by clover and some crabgrass in certain areas. I treated the yard with a fungicide and it seems to be doing better. Will our harsh winters eliminate the fungus or do I need to do something next year to ensure that it doesn't come back? Is there a specific product you recommend? As far as the broadleaf weeds go, is it too late in the season to apply a weed & feed product. When is the cutoff that you'd recommend. In regard to the crabgrass, historically, I've avoided using a Halts (sp?) product in the spring, since I usually want to plant some grass in spots and the Halts restricts how soon after application that grasses can be planted. What are your thoughts about these issues? Are there non-chemical solutions that can help prevent the fungus, clover or crabgrass problems I'm experiencing.


Morrison County MN almost 2 years ago

dark seeds on red raspberries

some of our red.raspberries have dark or black seeds, what causes that?


Morrison County MN almost 5 years ago

Best apple spray and time to do so

We have small apples (size of marbles)on our apple trees and they have indentations that are brown (looks like chew marks?) and we don't like to use harsh chemicals... if possible....any suggestions?


Morrison County MN almost 4 years ago

Unknown Plum

I planted this plum tree around 1990 and can't remember the name. Can you identify by these pictures? It started ripening last week so an early plum... Around golf ball size.


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Morrison County MN almost 5 years ago

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