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Sweetcorn crop failure.

I have a question about my sweetcorn crop failure. I live near Mankato MN. To years ago I broke up a 40x60 plot of ground and planted it to sweetcorn. I fertilized it with the recommended amount of 9-23-30. It did great. After I harvested it in August I chopped the stalks and plowed them under. In September of that year I planted the plot to winter wheat. It sprouted nicely. In the spring last year the wheat stooled out and did just fine. Come July I harvested the wheat. I took the straw off and threshed the grain. Again I plowed the stubble under and immediately planted buckwheat. By early October the buckwheat was ripe and I harvested about a bushel of it. The rest I plowed under. This year I planted the plot back to sweetcorn. I planted half of it about the 20th of May. I spread the recommended amount of 9-23-30 on it. The corn came up just fine---but after a few weeks I noticed that it was not doing near as good as other plots ---that were planted with the same kind of seed with the same fertilizer amounts. When my brother's plots were five feet tall, mine was three. So, I planted the rest of the plot to more corn and fertilized it the same. When other plots tasseled at six feet, mine quit growing at three and tasseled about the same time. They are harvesting theirs now and I do not have a viable ear in the whole patch. Half the stalks did not even put on an ear. My later crop is now about three feet tall and is already tasseling. Again I don't think I will get one ear out of it. My question is, “What the hell is going on?” I have three brothers that planted the same corn, fertilized it the same, and kept it weed free. They have good crops and I have none. I have read that planting wheat, rye, and buckwheat can have a allelopathic effect on seed germination for weeds, and that is why it is a good cover crop. That the allelopathic effect can also slow plant growth in other grasses---like corn. That cover crops should be killed a month before planting to avoid this problem. I plowed my winter wheat and buckwheat under in the fall---five months before it was planted to sweet corn. Do you think this is my problem? If not, what do you think is? Thanks, Frank Kortuem.

Le Sueur County Minnesota almost 2 years ago

We have two maple trees in our yard and both of them have red spots on there...

We have two maple trees in our yard and both of them have red spots on there leaves. Some leaves have more them other leaves. Some are covered with them. Can you tell me what this is and what to do.


Le Sueur County Minnesota about 5 years ago

Everbearing strawberries

Do everbearing strawberries bear successive crops (after the first crop) on the same plants? Or on new runners? Should I be removing runners at this point and wait for later runners to save for next year's plants? They are producing excessive runners at this point.


Le Sueur County Minnesota almost 4 years ago

Help to identify this plant?

We would appreciate any help identifying this plant. We think the seed for this plant came from a package of Stevia or blueberry seeds. The seeds are very tiny and slow to germinate. The plants grow slowly and perfer to be on the dry side. Plants begin to bloom in 8 to 10 months. The plant in the photo continues to rebloom and with no signs of dying in our greenhouse. We have been unable to find anything that looks like it researching on line.
Thanks for your help on this.
Mike & Anna Franzen


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Le Sueur County Minnesota almost 7 years ago

Hep I have tiny (about the size of a pin head) white to tan spots on a lot of...

Hep I have tiny (about the size of a pin head) white to tan spots on a lot of my plants on my 10 acre farm. Affected are dino kale, radish tops, broccoli, weeds, basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, pea shoots just to start. It doesn't seem to have made a difference to the beans, onions or blue curled kale. Any ideas?


Le Sueur County Minnesota almost 5 years ago

Low-growing Native Minnesota Grasses

We have a bluff going down to lakeshore. We have cleared it of invasive plants. What low-growing (staying under 24" ) native Minnesota grasses can we plant on the hillside? The hill is too steep to mow and taller grasses will obscure the view of the lake.


Le Sueur County Minnesota over 3 years ago

We have a new garden in rural Le Sueur; tilled but not treated or amended....

We have a new garden in rural Le Sueur; tilled but not treated or amended. Leaves and new growth have been disappearing from all 10 varieties of vegetables and herbs we've planted (and we never had this problem in rural New Prague)! After some research, I inspected and found spider mites/webs on everything (I sprayed this morning with a mix of alcohol and water to remove them). We have a 4-foot fence due to rabbits and deer, but the marigolds and lavender have suffered as well, and these plants seem to have repelled those animals in the past. Could the mites have caused such extensive damage, or might other pests or conditions be to blame?



Le Sueur County Minnesota almost 6 years ago

Tree and shrub book

I am wondering if there is a book with all the trees and shrubs that are good to plant in zone 4.


Le Sueur County Minnesota about 1 month ago

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