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additional photo of millipedes

I had trouble downloading the photos. Here is the one of the millipedes on carrot.


Lake County Minnesota almost 3 years ago

Bugs up north Minnesota

What is this bug that seemed to appear a lot on my siding



Lake County Minnesota 30 days ago

Apple tree pruning

I live in Two Harbors and have an apple orchard of about 85 trees. About half are Haralson and the rest are a variety. The orchard is chemically free and we have had few problems with disease or insects. The majority of the tress are mature. Last year most of the trees had apple scab. That year we were not able to prune the trees as well as usual and now they seriously need pruning. Because of the weather we are not going to be able to prune all of the tress before they bud out. My question is - Can we prune the mature trees in the summer without damaging the tree? We are not concerned with apple production. We appreciate your help.


Lake County Minnesota over 2 years ago

Unidentified Hawkmoth

Hello! I found two hawk-moths on my grandparents' porch in Two Harbors on July 1st of this year. We have never seen this type of moth in this area before. On July 4th another hawk-moth was spotted but was lacked the brown spot on the head that the other two had and also has a purple/pink tint to it. Wondering if anyone could further identify what specific type of hawk-moth these guys are. They are nocturnal and do not move at all during the day. Was thinking the first two may be Poplar Hawk-moths but those are only found in the UK. Thanks - Lorena


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Lake County Minnesota 12 months ago

Eradicating Tansy

To eliminate large expanses of Tansy along our association roadway where it is not feasible to pull them by the roots, will repeated cutting and disposal of cut plants help?


Lake County Minnesota almost 3 years ago

Trying to ID small flying bug

We found many of these small bugs flying in our campsite on Lake Superior in late September, most had a whitish mass on the abdomens, they appeared bluish when flying, they looked like floating seed fluff.



Lake County Minnesota almost 3 years ago

Weeds on a ballfield

I am seeking information on how to get rid of problem weeds on a ballfield, namely broadleaf plantain and prostate knotweed. For a number of years I have sprayed these weeds with Roundup when they were growing vigorously. This method killed the weeds but later in the summer and the next year they were growing again. The ballfield surface is agra lime and currently the field is used very little. Does the inactivity on the field contribute to this problem since there is very little soil disturbance. Recently I tried to dig out the plants but due to the great length of the tap root many of the plant roots were only broken off and not entirely uprooted. I suppose these weeds will continue to grow. I am hoping that a vigorous dragging effort may help reduce the weed abundance so that when I spray in mid summer there will be fewer plants to deal with. I appreciate hearing what my best options are to get rid of these weeds. Thanks.


Lake County Minnesota about 3 years ago

Found a birdhouse with dead bees and wondering why and how to avoid this in the future.

Hi. Hoping you can help me or direct me to someone who could. My father opened a LOLL brand birdhouse this morning and found only dead bees in it. (fyi:birdhouse is designed for wrens) This birdhouse had been hanging in a birch tree but came down at the end of winter or early spring. We don't want to hang it back up and have the same problem for the bees. Do you know what would've attracted them to it and why they didn't leave it?


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Lake County Minnesota about 1 year ago

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