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Spiders on my outside rose bush

What can I do to get rid of spiders on my outside rose bush?


Kittson County MN almost 5 years ago


pivoine Can I plant another pivoine in a field where there was a pivoine that had a virus? How long should I wait to plant another pivoine? How to sterilize the soil where the infected plant was?


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Kittson County MN almost 3 years ago

nanking cherry bush

We have two nanking cherry bushes that are about 5 years old. They have both produced well for the past 3 years. This year when they flowered only the branches close to the ground had flowers. This is the first year this has happened. Now both bushes look healthy but the leaves have a more yellow color. What do we need to do?


Kittson County MN almost 3 years ago

dutch elm disease

Can dutch elm disease affect different types of trees ? We have a tree in our yard that died but I am pretty sure it is not an elm tree . We are going to cut it down, I am just trying to be safe.


Kittson County MN almost 4 years ago

Raised Planter Boxes

How deep should the soil be in a raised planter box? The box will be 48" X 30" X? deep. Plants to be planted are tomatoes.


Kittson County MN about 2 years ago

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