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What are the fastest growing trees and conifers in west central Minnesota?

What are the fastest growing trees and conifers in west central Minnesota?


Kandiyohi County MN over 5 years ago

How to protect my Yews

I have Yews planted on the south side of my house, and have replaced two plants in the last year due to them turning brown and brittle. The Yews planted along side of the ones replaced are growing nicely. One Yew only had the brown damage on the back side of the plant. Following the advise of our nursery, we do not over water them and have given the plants iron. It's a mystery why only some have this and others right beside them don't. What do you think is causing the problem ?


Kandiyohi County MN 9 months ago

Jap tree lilac not flowering year two!

Hello, we live in Willmar Minnesota. We purchased six large chapter he lilacs and planted them in August 2016. Both the spring of 2017 and 2018 the trees did not produce more than one or two flowers each. I drove around Willmar and all other jab tree lilacs looked healthy and were flowering. The nursery and we bought them from us to wait it out one more year and they are not guaranteed. They compared them to apple trees that they have some good and some bad years and that the first year they were not flower well. What hours do not look nice at all. It would be wonderful if someone from the area could stop by and give me their opinion. I am an agronomist and avid gardener but I cannot figure it out.


Kandiyohi County MN almost 2 years ago

I have fall everbearing raspberries and I am finding tiny worms in the...

I have fall everbearing raspberries and I am finding tiny worms in the ripening berries. I have noticed some small fruit flies in the area and have tried hanging out some jugs with vinegar in them and also a yeast/sugar mixture suggestion that I found online. It is attracting flies but am still finding worms. Is there anything else I can do? I'm assuming the flies are the new fly that I have heard about in the news. HELP!


Kandiyohi County MN over 6 years ago

What insect

Can you identify this insect found on our lake cabin by Willmar.



Kandiyohi County MN almost 2 years ago




Kandiyohi County MN over 3 years ago


When to apply crabgrass preventer?


Kandiyohi County MN about 3 years ago

Spruce trees browning and dropping needles

A couple months ago I noticed browning in three Black Hills spruce that were planted about 8 years ago, and now the needles from all the new growth are gone, and others are turning also. Some seem to start from the tips, including the leader; others show signs where the new growth started at the clusters, but mainly from the treetop going down. They are in an area on the inside of a windbreak (2 mi. so. of Pennock) where I also planted extras in case of loss. I sprayed Clarity in and around the area early or mid spring, and watered the first three, 3 to 4 weeks ago. The worst one (images 434 & 440) appears to have new growth out some of the tips. I found no pest damage or infestation, or physical irregularities other than the worst one had lost its leader over winter, and other healthy-looking trees lost some leaders this summer. I haven't lost a tree yet, but last winter I thought one was dead, but now it is struggling back, not affected by the current issue, yet. I'd appreciate any insight.


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Kandiyohi County MN almost 5 years ago

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