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Some kind of Ladybug

Aresident of our county brought in several crawling insects that looked like ladybeetle crawers(dragons) the next day they turned into whitish colored black spotted Ladybug shaped insects. Today when I thought they were dead-low and behold one was moving and definetly had the harder shape of lady beetles only pale green colored and 14 definite black spots on back and 2 white spots on black area of head. anyone know what beetle this is? and good insect or bad? Hubbard Co. Mastergardener D.W.

Hubbard County MN almost 6 years ago

What would the diameter of a birch tree be in 30 years if I planted a clump...

What would the diameter of a birch tree be in 30 years if I planted a clump of two or three this spring? Would they last that long or is there a better tree to plant? Thanks for your help. Gary Frederickson


Hubbard County MN about 5 years ago

What is this this plant? It has taken over my tiger lily garden in northern...

What is this this plant? It has taken over my tiger lily garden in northern Minnesota near Bemidji this summer. See attached photos.



Hubbard County MN almost 6 years ago

White mold on vegetables

My, cukes, squash, pumpkin and peas have been hit with white mold the past 2 years. I decided to start a new garden spot, but wondering if I can use the old for flowers or plants not susceptible to the mold? Does the mold live in the soil? Should I avoid tilling the soil? Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!


Hubbard County MN 25 days ago

Autumn Blaze Maple wilting

I have an 4" diameter autumn blaze maple which was planted 3 years and this spring leafed out very healthy. Up until 2 weeks ago it had nice 3" length leaves. It has starting wilting on about 1/3 of the branches and the leaves die off in a few days. The nursery in Bemidji (20 miles away) where I purchased the tree 3 years ago thinks it might be from too much rain this spring, It looks like a diseased tree similar to a white oak or burr oak wilt with sporadic branches being affected unlike the top down like a red oak wilt. The pictures attached show how the leaves on the branch directly above the wilted leaves to appear healthy. Any suggestions?


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Hubbard County MN 12 months ago

Growth on rose bush

One of my rose bushes has many of these "bulbs" growing on several branches. Should I prune these out of my roses? Will they damage them?



Hubbard County MN almost 4 years ago

How to keep gophers out of the garden?

How do I keep gophers out of my new garden space ( and mounds showing up near my newly planted flower beds? Thank you! I'm working with a budget for a home garden so I don't have a big one. Patty


Hubbard County MN 11 months ago

Plants under pine trees

What flowers or plants can I plant under my white,Norway pine trees.


Hubbard County MN over 3 years ago

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