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Better/alternate answer to previous question re. neighbors and pollinator garden

In answer to the question:

Preparing for a pollinator yard

You suggested leaving a border of grass between the pollinator garden and the neighbors' property line. I agree with talking to the neighbor first. But there's a better solution than leaving a border of grass that needs to be mowed. I would say, plant a border of Penn Sedge, thick enough that your wildflower roots won't spread to the neighbor's yard. That way you don't have to mow, and it will look neat and tidy.

Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Lawn grubs

Is there a way to check for grubs (Japanese beetles) now. If beetles are present what should I do and when?

Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

Catalpa tree health?

The tree on my boulevard has growth on the bottom, but the branches are bare. Is something wrong?


Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

Tall weed

Could you please identify the plant in the picture?

Hennepin County Minnesota 13 days ago

Lawn - Thinning grass, uneven ground and moss growing

Hi - Over the past few years our lawn has deteriorated. The grass keeps thinning and moss is growing in between the grass patches. This spring there is a large area where no grass is growing at all. Any advice on how to reverse this and bring the lawn back to a healthy point would be greatly appreciated.

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Hennepin County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Minnesota wildflowers: I D please

Two photo. Pink flowers. What are they ?My neighbor says they’re well geranium. I don’t think so while geraniums are more purple and the leaves are very different deep green textured One photo. White bush. What is it?

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Hennepin County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Peach contender cankers?

My peach contender appears to have cankers on several branches. The tree was planted only one year ago. They do not appear to be oozing. I Have not applied anything to them as of yet. I was wondering if I need to apply a fungicide, hopefully organic. I was planning on planting rudbeckia, yarrow, and chives around the tree and was wondering if there’s anything else I could plant around it that would prevent future disease.

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Hennepin County Minnesota about 1 month ago

golen ribbon vs sunkist arborvitae

Hi, I was wondering which one of the arborvitae would be better to have in my back yard. I read that the golden ribbon is harder to care for? However, the sunkist are not as easily found for sale. I like the yellow color and the size is fine for both. However, I want to buy the one that would do best here in Minnesota. Please let me know your expert opinion. Thank you, Dawn

Hennepin County Minnesota about 1 month ago

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