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bush problem

Can you tell me about what is my problem with the bush,it looks like a disease ? Looks like some thing is eating it too.

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Hennepin County Minnesota 3 months ago

Grotrax grass seed blanket product

Is this product, available on line and at big box stores, useful for growing grass in areas where it has been hard to grow grass? Is it too late in the year to try it? If we purchase some now would it be good to use next spring if we didn’t put it down yet this year?

Hennepin County Minnesota 4 months ago

Lawn infested with clover

How may I remove clover from my lawn without damaging the grass and fouling the environment?

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Hennepin County Minnesota 5 months ago

Better/alternate answer to previous question re. neighbors and pollinator garden

In answer to the question:

Preparing for a pollinator yard

You suggested leaving a border of grass between the pollinator garden and the neighbors' property line. I agree with talking to the neighbor first. But there's a better solution than leaving a border of grass that needs to be mowed. I would say, plant a border of Penn Sedge, thick enough that your wildflower roots won't spread to the neighbor's yard. That way you don't have to mow, and it will look neat and tidy.

Hennepin County Minnesota 5 months ago

Lawn grubs

Is there a way to check for grubs (Japanese beetles) now. If beetles are present what should I do and when?

Hennepin County Minnesota 5 months ago

Catalpa tree health?

The tree on my boulevard has growth on the bottom, but the branches are bare. Is something wrong?


Hennepin County Minnesota 5 months ago

Tall weed

Could you please identify the plant in the picture?

Hennepin County Minnesota 5 months ago

Lawn - Thinning grass, uneven ground and moss growing

Hi - Over the past few years our lawn has deteriorated. The grass keeps thinning and moss is growing in between the grass patches. This spring there is a large area where no grass is growing at all. Any advice on how to reverse this and bring the lawn back to a healthy point would be greatly appreciated.

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Hennepin County Minnesota 6 months ago

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