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Magnolia scale

My 15 year old Magnolia Tree looks like it has magnolia scale. It has scale pods up and down most of the branches. I noticed it in July when it was loaded with bees, wasps and flies and honeydew showered down from the branches. It is now Nov. 3rd and the leaves are down and the bark and branches are a dark gray. It looks sick and I'd like to know what I can do for it. Thank You tggads@gmail.com

Hennepin County Minnesota 6 months ago

Should I cover raspberry fruit before a hard freeze

I have several raspberry plants with lots of unripened fruit on them. If I cover the plants and fruit before a hard freeze, will the fruit continue to grow and ripen? If I don’t cover the fruit, will they die after the hard freeze?

Hennepin County Minnesota 6 months ago

Can a Nodding Thistle Receptacle Weevil be on an Annual Fleabane?

I believe the picture is of a Nodding Thistle Receptacle Weevil on an Annual Fleabane. Did some research and it seems that is something that does not happen frequently. Have noticed it at Silverwood and Manomin parks. Hoping you can shed light on it.


Hennepin County Minnesota 7 months ago

Concord Grape Vine

I have one Concord grape vine that was cut back two years ago in order to paint my house. This year I’ve had the most prolific crop ever. Now I am wondering if I should routinely be cutting it back, and if so when and how far back. Any other routine care tips would be appreciated!


Hennepin County Minnesota 7 months ago

conflicting recommendations about japanese beetle grub control timing

U of MN Extension Service recommends application in late summer while Scotts (GrubEx) and our lawn service (TruGreen) recommends late spring (i.e., around Memorial Day). What should we do? Is doing it either time better than not doing it at all? (This is a repeat question that I just sent in but I think I forgot to insert my email address.)

Hennepin County Minnesota 8 months ago

Drooping honeycrisp

It looks like the images didn’t attach with first email:)

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Hennepin County Minnesota 8 months ago

Drooping honeycrisp

Hi there! Two years ago I planted a zestar and a honeycrisp. They are planted about 10 feet apart. The zestar is thriving, while the honeycrisp is drooping over. Any thoughts on what is wrong with this honeycrisp? They were purchased from a local orchard. The brown spots on the leaves are new. Please help! Thanks! Lisa

Hennepin County Minnesota 8 months ago

2 dwarf alberta

Purchased 2 in May and planted according to directions. Noticing brown inner branches but new growth every- where else. Help? Photos on iphone-how do I send them to you?

Hennepin County Minnesota 9 months ago

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