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Moss on garden soil

In all my years we have never seen moss growing on our garden soil. I'm guessing it's becuz this year has been so wet. Is that what you think? More importantly is it good or bad for the soil? We are in SE MN. Thanks

Goodhue County Minnesota 12 months ago

Name of a weed

This weed is the most ubiquitous in my garden. It has serrated edges and small white flowers. I have looked several places for its identification, but can't find it.



Goodhue County Minnesota almost 3 years ago

I have had my garden soil tested by the U of M through an area Soil Center....

I have had my garden soil tested by the U of M through an area Soil Center. The report was fine and recommendation was conventional garden fertilizer which I hand spread on my small garden. I plant radishes first thing in the spring when plantable. I get lush above ground growth but no below ground level radishes. At best, I will get 3-4 runts no larger than a dime. The rest of my garden does fine. Thoughts or suggestions? I emailed you a few dayd ago with this question and maybe overlooked an answer. Thank you.


Goodhue County Minnesota over 5 years ago

What can I do to my garden soil to eliminate blight next year? Every year the...

What can I do to my garden soil to eliminate blight next year? Every year the tomato blight has gotten worse. This year I tried putting cardboard over the soil and kept trimming up the branches so they don't touch the cardboard and that didn't work at all. I put a soaker hose unde the cardboard to water it too. This year the garden is really bad. Tomatoes and peppers are only about 1/3 the size they usually are at this time. I'm thinking the blight is in the soil and affected the tomatoes from the little area it's planted in. As far as the garden being bad in general I'm thinking it's from a couple things. First we didn't get it in as soon as usual. It's been a colder spring / summer and maybe the cardboard over the garden had an affect. What if we got a load of cow manure and put a layer on the entire garden and tilled it in this fall? It's too small a garden to rotate placement, 75% is tomatoes. What about using bleach or something on it? I also read you can dig a trough around the garden (after tilling up), soak the entire thing in water and cover with plastic for at least 6 wks - I'd cover it for the entire winter I think. I'm anxious to hear your ideas on this. Also, Over this time frame 3-5 years I spose, a lot of our flowers in beds throughout the yard have gotten the same sort of thing on them, blackened leaves and do poorly or odd shapes, mainly cone flowers and black eyed susans and one or 2 other kinds. I think something is in our yard.


Goodhue County Minnesota almost 6 years ago

What animal will chew on jalapeno peppers, large green tomatoes, green cherry...

What animal will chew on jalapeno peppers, large green tomatoes, green cherry tomatoes, dill, onion tops, radishs (the whole thing!) We can actually see the teeth marks on them, long thin bite marks. We put up a plastic fence on Sunday, and whatever animal it is, chewed several holes through it the last 2 nights and we can see the bite marks from their teeth on the plastic. Whatever the critter is, it is light enough to not leave a track in the garden. The rabbit population in our neighborhood is huge this year, more than we have ever seen and we have not had to put fencing up in the past. What do you think it could be? We will be shopping for chicken wire fencing this weekend for sure but would like an idea what we could be dealing with.


Goodhue County Minnesota almost 5 years ago

Odd Tree

Hi, we purchased this "tree" a couple of years ago. It always grows during the summer, but then dies down in the winter. This year it is 11 feet tall. It's supposed to get flowers on it, but it never has. Do you know what kind of tree or plant this it?


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Goodhue County Minnesota almost 5 years ago

Best nurseries

Hello, My husband & I live in Red Wing, MN and are starting a small apple orchard on our land. We've finally come to a consensus on which apple varieities we'd like to grow. We've choosen: Fireside, McIntosh, and State Fair. Could you reccomend a nursery that we could purchase trees from? We are looking to purchase about 50 trees total of the varieities mentioned earlier. Does the U of M sell trees? Thank you in advance for your time.


Goodhue County Minnesota over 3 years ago

Redosier Dogwood

Is Redosier Dogwood deer resistant?


Goodhue County Minnesota about 3 years ago

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